Snackable: Innovation According to Lego

Evan Rodd, PayScale

In the fast pace of today’s market, most businesses recognize the importance of creativity, and innovation. The ability to adapt, and harness creativity are key components in the longevity of your organization. These ideas can apply to a number of areas, from your compensation strategy, to your company perks, to your new product innovations.

A recent Forbes article entitled, “Leadership Lessons from Lego” outlines some of these very principals – Innovation, collaboration, determination, and big picture thinking. This Cohen Drapisz infographic outlines the impressive history of Lego’s rise from humble beginnings to a global toy superstar, celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2012. While Lego (Danish for “Play Well”) is now thought of as a power player, it didn’t start that way.

How can you apply Lego’s core values to your organization’s overall business goals?

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