• A Look at Executive Pay Limits

    Executive pay limits Do You Support Executive Pay Limits?

    By Staff Writer

    In the chaotic and frightening times we’ve all stumbled into, it sounds nice to get back at someone, something, an institution, anything, for what has happened to many people’s 401Ks, homes and jobs. Who can we point a finger at?

    Of all the options, the one that has received a lot of media attention is executive compensation. Salary data abounds online, pointing out that executives' motivations are misdirected, resulting in an overpaid, profit-driven culture where the guy or gal in charge only looks out for number one. What do you think is a smart way to change the status quo?

  • Merrill Lynch Executive Compensation Bonuses

    Executive Executive Compensation Bonuses Gone Over the Top: Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, Under Serious Scrutiny

    In September of 2008, Merrill Lynch admitted that it couldn’t pay its bills anymore. But, just before it ended its final quarter of business, Q4 of 2008, Merrill Lynch gave out nearly $4 billion in executive compensation bonuses.

    Come again? Say what?

  • Executive Compensation Package Analysis

    Execcomp Civilization and Impulse Control: An Executive Compensation Package Analysis

    Over the years, this view of civilization has stuck with me: Civilization is defined as impulse control. If this is so, how does outlandish executive compensation fit into civilization?

    The poster illustration for uncivilized behavior, it seems, could be the greed of outrageously excessive executive compensation packages. Richard Fuld at Lehman Brothers, for example, made $484 million in 8 years as he ultimately drove his company out of existence.

  • Effect of Executive Compensation Cap

    Compensationcap How Will Obama’s Executive Compensation Cap Affect Companies in Trouble?

    It’s official. The unethical use of bailout money that so many of us feared would come when the government wrote big checks to save our economy has arrived. In fact, according to a recent L.A. Times article, "Wall Street Finds Ways Around Executive Pay Caps," $20 million of the bailout money handed out last year by the Bush administration went to executive compensation bonuses. These, mind you, are top executives at companies that failed. Do you think they are inspired to do better work now that they were rewarded for running their businesses into the ground?


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