• How to Get a Job in Human Resources

    How to Get a Job in Human Resources How to Get a Job in Human Resources

    Finding a new job in human resources is easy!

    Now that I’ve lured you into reading my latest blog, I can confidently state that I’m only kidding. If you have experienced the same HR job market as I did over the past year, you may even demand that I see my EAP for substance abuse testing. In my 15 years within human resources (with various job moves interspersed), I have never, ever seen anything like the current human resources job market and am amazed at how quickly and fundamentally I observed a change in the landscape.

  • How to Forecast Your Workforce

    Workforce Forecasting Putting Forecasting in Focus – Part 1: Workforce Forecasting Techniques

    Making sure a new employee understands their benefits, or that discrepancies in pay are addressed, both rank high as crucial HR functions. But, according to Jaime Hale of the global consulting firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide, there is one HR responsibility that tops all functions of an HR department: workforce planning. Hale describes it as “the most strategic work HR can do. It’s really the umbrella over all other services HR provides.”

  • How to Write a Compensation Plan

    Compensationplans How to Write a Compensation Plan: Some Fundamentals During a Recession

    Maybe as employers, we can get a little complacent about our compensation plans this year.

    We’re all sitting in the catbird seat today. And maybe still will be next year.

    Along the way, especially if the economy doesn’t improve, the only folks we’re really likely to lose are – who? Well, there’s a concern! It’s our outstanding employees who are the highest turnover risk – those who are keeping us successful during a recession.

    So let’s discuss how to write a compensation plan, today, that will keep us in business for the long run. One that will encourage employee retention, maintain morale, limit employee turnover and keep us HR types on the CEO’s “nice” list. Here’s how:


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