• Tips for Personnel Recruiters – Recent Grads

    Best Time to Recruit College Grads Is Right Now

    By Roberto Angulo

    If you’re looking for the best time to start your college recruitment and branding initiatives, the time is now. Employers often assume that after the winter holidays every student has resigned themselves to studying and focusing onlyh on school. This is not the case according to our observations here at AfterCollege.com, the largest website in the U.S. for students, recent grads and alumni looking for entry-level jobs and internships.

  • Hiring Convicted Felons

    Jobs that Hire Convicted Felons

    In the current job market, even the most experienced and educated individuals may have some difficulty locating jobs despite their best efforts. No one experiences this more than a convicted felon coming out of prison for the first time after many years. A lot of potential employers that work with work release programs are considered “felon friendly” employers, but still often ask what kind of work can felons do? The short answer is - almost everything.

  • Writing Creative Job Postings

    Put Your Job Postings to Work for You

    I am always telling people to think outside of the box when working through human resources issues. For some reason, we have gotten ourselves stuck in the box in several area, including job postings, which is no fun and not helpful to our organizations.

  • Standard Employment Application Form

    The Case for Using a Standard Employment Application Form

    Do you have a standard employment application form that you require all candidates to fill out? If you do not, you should consider using one.

    Most employers use application forms to solicit information that may be missing from applicants’ resumes and to establish a single, uniform document for all job candidates or groups of candidates. Standardizing the type of hiring information gathered makes it easier to compare job candidates objectively and can help protect you from discrimination claims.
  • HR Guide to Hiring Felons

    Your Loyal Employees: Reasons to Hire Ex-Felons

    After leaving my last position as a human resource manager for an online health organization, I never would have imagined where I would end up next. Possibly another HR job for another corporation or an office manager position at a law firm? Nope, I currently work for a federal work release program in the state of Washington. This is a residence hall where certain federal prison inmates, if selected, will come to finish off approximately four to six months of their federal sentence. While they live at work release, they are in the process of rebuilding their lives, connecting with support systems such as their families and loved ones, finding places to live, and most importantly, finding work.
  • Internet Research as a Hiring Technique

    internet research as a hiring techniqueRecruiting Online: Is Web 2.0 HR’s Pandora’s Box?

    What do you do when you want to learn more about a virtual stranger? Google them, of course. Most people would confess to harnessing the power of a Google search to satisfy personal curiosity, and many employers conduct hiring based on internet research. Web 2.0 (we’re talking about social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, personal blogs, and Google) provides employers with a new world of information about potential employees. However, satisfying one’s curiosity as an HR recruiter about a job candidate can open up a dangerous can of worms.

  • Using Credit Checks in the Hiring Process

    legal and ethical use of credit reports for hiring employeesBackground Checks and Job Offer Withdrawal

    You may think you’ve found the perfect person for the job, but you don’t know their whole story. It is possible that, upon performing an employee background or credit check for the hiring process, you may find information that would make you unwilling to hire them. At that point, what do you do?

  • Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare

    Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare In Demand Jobs for 2010: Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare

    By Staff Writer

    Jobs in healthcare continue to top lists of most stable, recession-proof, lucrative and flexible careers. From nursing to lab work and physical therapy, nearly everyone knows that our nation’s ill and aging population is creating an ever-growing demand for health services and support.

  • Average Salary of Jobs in Finance

    Average Salary of Jobs in Finance In Demand Jobs for 2010: Average Salary of Jobs in Finance

    By Staff Writer

    As the recession slows in the year to come, financial regulations to prevent future crises will be more important than ever. For that reason, many companies may be adding to their team of financial analysts and regulation experts in 2010.

  • Recruiting and Hiring in an Economic Downturn

    Recruitandhire 5 Tips on How to Be Successful in Staffing in an Economic Downturn

    The current economic situation provides a great opportunity for employers to redefine their recruiting methods. With the vast pool of job applicants, it is easier for companies to make excellent new hires. But in these tight economic conditions, how does one ensure their current recruiting methods are also cost-effective?


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