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  • Recognizing Employee Value

    Recognizing Employee Value The Importance of Recognizing Employee Value

    In the world of work, what is “adding value”? And, as an HR or compensation practitioner, why should I care? How does recognizing employee value help me do my job better?

  • Motivation in the Workplace: Top Employee Motivators

    Top Employee Motivators Employee Motivation in the Workplace: It’s Not About Money. It’s About Productive Work Relationships.

    Part 2


    “I’m learning recently, you can’t motivate people. You’ve got to provide the work environment that’s going to make them want to do a better job. You just can’t make them do a better job by paying them more money.”
    – Company owner*
  • Employee Retention Tips for Managers

    Employee Retention Tips Why Good People Quit and How to Keep Them: Employee Retention Tips for Managers

    Think about a job that you left where you were a rock star. Now think about one you left where you were simply, purely, competent.

    Why did you leave in each case?

    That question is especially important in today’s economy, where motivation in the workplace may be more critical than ever as we seek to keep both our rock stars and our reliable, fully-competent performers. These two groups will do much of the heavy lifting to keep our organizations alive until times improve.

  • Identifying High-Potential Employees

    Workforce Development How to Recognize the Characteristics of a Good Employee

    Among the handful, or perhaps hundreds, of employees at your company, it can sometimes be tough to identify who are the high-potential employees that are really making a difference in your overall success, and who are the employees that are simply at or below average.  You want to know who your high-potential employees are so you can reward them and make sure they stay in your organization. What exactly do top employees offer, and how can you identify the characteristics of a good employee?

  • Q&A Session - Employee Retention Ideas and Suggestions


    PayScale’s Most Frequent HR Questions - Employee Retention Ideas for Retaining Top Performers

    Questions and Answers from Our Employee Retention Webinar

    The following is a transcript of the question and answer session that followed PayScale’s webinar, Employee Retention: High Impact Performance Management for Engaging and Retaining Your Top Performers. The main topics covered in these questions are evaluating employee performance and pay-for-performance programs. Answers are provided by PayScale’s webinar leader and director of customer service and education, Stacey Carroll, M.B.A., SPHR.

  • Employee Retention Tips


    Employee Retention Tips for an Economic Recession

    By Stacey Carroll

    Of all the threats and challenges your company can face in this economic downturn, losing top performers can be one of the most damaging.

    As your workforce becomes more lean, top employee retention becomes more important. The quality of the people you have on the front lines determines your company’s survival. It is said that 20 percent of your workforce does 80 percent of the work. At this point in time, it’s possible that those 20 percent make up most of your team, and you want to keep them around.

  • Employee Turnover Causes

    Employeeturnover Employee Turnover Causes and the Role of Compensation: Two Opposing Viewpoints

    By Barry MacLean and Stacey Carroll

    In today’s unstable marketplace, retaining your most seasoned and talented employees helps ensure your organization’s strength. It’s more important than ever to put strategies in place to avoid the overarching costs of employee turnover causes, and keep skilled, high-level producers motivated and invested.

    But, which strategies will provide the results that you want? Barry MacLean and Stacey Carroll share their opposing viewpoints on the role of compensation in employee retention and employee turnover. Barry begins with his perspective and then Stacey responds. Let’s see what these experts think.


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