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Who's The Boss: Women in Leadership

As of January 2013, only 20 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are female. Sheryl Sandberg pointed out that this number says something significant about the way our culture treats working women. PayScale ran the numbers to find out even more about women and leadership in the workplace. Where are women managing others and where are they still blocked by a glass ceiling?
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Job Level by Gender

If you were expecting a sharp drop-off in the percentage of women as you rise up the corporate ranks, you won't find it here. It's not until you get to the Executive level that you see a sharp change in the ratio of men to women. Individual Contributors, Managers and even Directors are pretty evenly distributed overall.
percentage female by job level

Overall Boss Stats

The good news is the the majority of men and women have reported to female bosses at least once in their career. The more surprising news is that only 42% of men report currently having a female boss, while 72% of females report to another woman.
current boss female ever had a female boss

Female Bosses by Job Level

The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the less likely you are to have a female boss. Interestingly though, the chances of ever having had a female boss bounces around a bit as people progress through their careers. More Directors say they've had a female boss than Executives or Managers.
current female bosses by job levelever had a female boss by job level

Female Bosses by Income Level

If Your Paycheck Is High, Your Boss is Likely a Guy

Again, when broken down by gender, males are far less likely to report to women than their female counterparts, and the likelihood decreases as paychecks increase.
currently have a female boss by income levels

But You’ve Probably Had a Female Boss at Some Point

The chances of ever having had a female boss decreases for both men and women as salaries increase, but the trend is much more subtle when you break the data down this way. This suggests that the occurrence of female bosses may have more to do with job type or industry than it does with income.
ever had a female boss by income levels

Best and Worst Industries for Female Bosses

Which industries see the most women rising through the ranks?

best industries for female bosses
worst industries for female bosses

Best and Worst Job Types for Female Bosses

Which job types report having female bosses most often?

best job types for female bosses
worst job types for female bosses