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Social Media in the Workplace
Facebook just celebrated its 10th birthday, your LinkedIn profile is all that stands between you and your dream job and your boss just asked you to retweet his latest corporate triumph. Once reserved for college students looking to hook up, social media has become a daily part of corporate life. PayScale pulled some facts to show how social media has become its own career path and how employers are embracing the new reality.

Social media has created a lot of jobs. A LOT.

Social Media in the Workplace
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn employ a total of more than 12,000 employees. The median employee at these companies earns $106,000; $114,800 and $111,200 respectively. That's a lot of jobs, and a lot of money, to support your grandma's Facebook habit.

Not to mention, it's also responsible for an entire career path.

Social Media in the Workplace
Your typical Social Media Manager is a 27-year-old female who's been on the job for 2.9 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, earns $43,100/year and her most common skills are Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Marketing Communications. She is also probably the person in the office who Instagrams what she eats for lunch every day.

Most Social Media Managers had very different job titles 5 years ago.

Jobs Social Media Managers Had
5 Years Ago
% That
Had This Job
Typical Median
Pay (0-5 years experience)
Marketing Intern 3.60% $24,700
Sales Associate 3.10% $20,100
Administrative Assistant 2.80% $30,000
Marketing Manager 2.40% $51,800
Marketing Coordinator 2.10% $38,600
Marketing Assistant 1.70% $32,600
Customer Service Representative (CSR) 1.60% $27,500
Since most Social Media Managers are relatively young, they are more likely to have come from entry-level positions. A willingness to learn, an interest in marketing and the ability to work with people are three qualities that seem to drive people to go into this profession.

If you want to be a professional Tweeter, add these skills
to your LinkedIn Profile.

Social Media in the Workplace

Still in school? Study up on these majors.

Social Media in the Workplace
Remember, this is a profession where youth is on your side – 69.7% of Social Media Managers are Millennials. So there is a good chance you can still pick one of these majors.

Are you really good at making friends, developing connections and managing your followers?

Social Media in the Workplace
These are the titles you should optimize your job search for.

Even employers are getting into social media.

Social Media in the Workplace
54.9% of employers now have a formal social media policy in place. They have accepted that everybody has a social media presence, so why not give some instructions to protect their brand? Almost three quarters of the Finance and Insurance  Industry (74.3%) enforces a formal social media policy, while Manufacturing is least likely to have one, with only 45.2% of those companies saying they had a formal social media policy.

But not everybody likes social media.

Social Media in the Workplace
13.9% of employers still block employees from using social media at work. Compare that to 2011, when 20.5% of employers blocked all social media access. As social media permeates more and more of our lives, it becomes harder for employers to dislike it.

One aspect of social media unites employers and employees: hiring.

Social Media in the Workplace
60.6% of all employers we surveyed say they use social channels to recruit and hire employees. This is most popular with large companies (67.9%) and least popular with small companies (53.8%). Information, Media and Telecommunications leads the pack, with 77.1% reporting that they use social media for recruiting - even more than the Technology industry, where only 71.6% say they tweet for jobs. Less than half of Healthcare employers (48.2%) we polled use social media to hire.

LinkedIn is by far the most common social network for recruiting, but don't count out Facebook or Twitter just yet.

Social Media in the Workplace
When it comes to social recruiting, 55.8% of companies use LinkedIn, 29.1% use Facebook and 15.1% use Twitter. Facebook is most popular among small companies – 30.9% say they use it to find talent and not just stalk their exes.

The short story: Social media matters to employers and employees.

Social Media in the Workplace
Whether you're considering leveraging your Twitter following to get a new job, browsing LinkedIn to find your next new hire or just want to check Facebook at work 25 times a day, social media is likely impacting your professional life in a big way, and will become even more important in the near future.

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