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Business Drivers:

  • Attract Talent
  • Confidence Talking Comp
  • Retain Talent
  • Improve Performance

Location: Seattle, Wa

Number of Employees: 35

Product: Insight

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Before PayScale we closed 60% of the offers that we made candidates. We now close 90% of those candidates, with very little negotiation.

BuzzBee is a strategic marketing consulting firm that helps guide companies in their efforts to take innovative technology products and services to market. To retain existing employees and grow even more successful, BuzzBee wanted to be sure they were staying competitive in the war for talent. To ensure this effort, they needed to overcome the following obstacles:

  • Positively identify precise compensation ranges within their market.
  • Compare and contrast their comp plan to companies in their area, both large and small.

PayScale Advantage
BuzzBee turned to PayScale Insight to stay abreast of what the market was doing with regard to compensation. Now, they are able to have positive and educated conversations with staff and potential candidates alike by utilizing fresh market data and easy-to-use software to:

  • Benchmark existing positions.
  • Make offers appropriate to the positions, skill sets, and education levels of their candidates.
  • Recognize when and how the market is changing.

Business Results
Through BuzzBee's proactive use of PayScale Insight they were able to:

  • Increase candidate close rate by 50%.
  • Retain top employees through positive conversations about salary and comp packages.
  • Realize a sense of confidence in their compensation and HR practices.

More than 2,500 organizations use PayScale's subscription software to:

  • Allocate raises. PayScale Insight allows you to allocate raises based on employee performance and labor budget.
  • Attract talent. Price jobs based on your local market and competition.
  • Retain employees. Get pay right and show them how you did it. Your employees will be more satisfied to stay.
  • Drive performance. Get their salary right so they can focus on doing a good job.
  • Be confident. With know-how to talk about comp with anyone.

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