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Inside Monarch Landing

Business Drivers:

  • Attract Talent
  • Enable Growth
  • Retain Talent
  • Adjust Compensation

Location: Naperville, IL

Number of Employees: 200

Product: Insight

Monarch Landing HR Director, Megan Letts says, I love the market salary ranges! PayScale shows where each employee is positioned within the range. It’s such a quick and easy way to see where we need to adjust salaries.
Monarch Landing HR Director, Megan Letts says, Without question, I will depend on PayScale to guide our compensation decisions as we expand our services and hire 150 people in the coming year.

Monarch Landing

Senior Living Community Realigns Compensation with Just a Few Clicks

Monarch Landing, managed by Life Care Services, is a senior living community that needed to quickly implement several new systems after a transition to new ownership in 2010. One of these changes was establishing a new way to determine and manage compensation at the community. PayScale’s cloud compensation solution was selected to guide Monarch through the process and remains an integral component in their overall human resources system. Today, Monarch Landing is confident about its ability to retain outstanding employees and is using PayScale to inform its compensation decisions. Looking ahead, the community is embarking on an expansion and plans to use PayScale as they hire an additional 150 employees.

Monarch Landing is a senior living community based outside of Chicago, in the city of Naperville, IL. The community is built on a scenic 80-acre campus and was recently named “one of America’s best places to live and retire.” Monarch Landing’s staff of 200 compassionate and dedicated employees play a vital role in making this desirable retirement community so exceptional. However, when the community experienced a sudden change of ownership in 2010, the new human resources director required critical compensation data to attract and retain the best talent. Discovering comparable compensation information proved to be challenging, since Monarch offered specific services for seniors and was located in a unique market.

PayScale Advantage
The new human resources team at Monarch Landing chose PayScale to provide deep market insights and compensation data in order to make informed salary decisions. PayScale guided Monarch Landing by:

  • Providing specific salary “comps” by accessing its database of 14,000 positions to match with the very specific positions at Monarch.
  • Automatically adjusting salary data for the Naperville market to ensure compensation is competitive and attractive to employees.
  • Creating highly visual reports to show actual compensation within a salary range.
  • Offering cloud compensation software that provides the freshest compensation data in the industry because it is adjusted in real-time.

Business Results
PayScale had provided new levels of assurance at Monarch Landing including:

  • Improved allocation of compensation budgets, ensuring employee salaries are accurate and competitive.
  • More informed salary adjustment decisions by the executive team.
  • New levels of guidance with PayScale’s experienced consultants, as the company plans for its expansion of new healthcare services.

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