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Inside Wickenburg

Business Drivers:

  • Retain Talent
  • Improve Performance
  • Motivate Employees
  • Cost Containment

Location: Wickenburg, AZ

Number of Employees: 165

Product: Insight Expert



Wickenburg Community Hospital

Motivating employees and surviving in a market-driven economy.

Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH) is a non-profit community-owned hospital that provides services to the growing community of Wickenburg and the surrounding areas. WCH’s services include: 19 acute care beds, rehabilitation, radiology imaging/cat scan/mammography/MRI, laboratory, cardiopulmonary care, physical/speech/occupational therapy, and nutritional counseling.

WCH is a rare non-union facility in an age when most hospitals are unionized. Unions favor grade and step increases and WCH was struggling to keep their head above water with that compensation approach. They were also struggling to motivate employees to perform at their best levels with a grade and step approach.

  • A step and grade approach was too costly to maintain and controlling costs was a major priority for this community-owned hospital.
  • Employees were not motivated to perform at their best when performance wasn’t being recognized in salary increases.
  • Wickenburg’s Director of HR spent hours on salary surveys and at the World at Work library looking for relevant benchmark data, which was outdated even when ‘new’.
  • Some of their positions, like Physical Therapists, have had dramatic changes to their compensation over the years. They were challenged to find relevant market data.

PayScale Advantage
They made the important decision to move away from grade and step to a market-driven pay for performance based pay system. They use Insight Expert to get fresh market data for all of their positions and the tools to help them easily manage their pay-for-performance model. In addition, the ongoing consulting services provided with Insight Expert has helped to get them on track with their compensation strategy and ensure that they stay on track throughout the years.

  • Price their unique jobs with fresh, accurate market data.
  • Align their compensation plan with a new pay for performance approach.
  • Receive all the guidance they need to get comp right with ongoing consulting management as part of their Insight Expert subscription.

Business Results
Now Wickenburg’s expenses are under control and their employees are motivated to perform well on their jobs, knowing that they will be better rewarded for their efforts. PayScale’s data has helped them track market changes and make sure they are staying competitive by retaining crucial talent.

  • Retain crucial talent by paying for performance.
  • Constrain costs by allocating raise budgets according to performance and knowing the market value of all employees.
  • Develop and maintain a structured compensation strategy.

More than 2,500 organizations use PayScale's subscription software to:

  • Allocate raises. PayScale Insight allows you to allocate raises based on employee performance and labor budget.
  • Attract talent. Price jobs based on your local market and competition.
  • Retain employees. Get pay right and show them how you did it. Your employees will be more satisfied to stay.
  • Drive performance. Get their salary right so they can focus on doing a good job.
  • Be confident. With know-how to talk about comp with anyone.

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