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Today, you're up against compensation challenges far different than the past. Workforce mobility, specialization, and pervasive salary information all demand that you take a holistic approach to setting pay that considers the employee and the organization.

You need to find compensation data - and find it fast - to know the current market rate for your employees and potential hires. Our Compensation Reports give you instant access to current market rate data for organizations like yours - customized to your industry, your location, and your organization size.

Each custom compensation report includes:

  • Total cash compensation: salary and hourly rates, bonuses, and benefits..
  • Salary by workplace skills, years of experience, certifications, and education.
  • Results matched to your organization's location, size, and type.
  • Anonymous job profiles.
  • Job description.
  • A data summary that gives you 100% insight into the information used in your report.
  • Download and print options. Reports are stored in your account for access later, or you can save them as PDF or Excel files.
  • PayScale's 100% money-back guarantee.

PayScale has created specialized tools to help you best determine what to pay the position and what the person deserves.

PayScale Compensation Reports include the information you'd expect to find in a traditional salary report plus unique data you won't find anywhere else. Data on how skills, certifications, and years-in-field directly affect an employee's salary. Our compensation reports also provide anonymous profiles to back it up.

Scoping Information
A detailed overview of what each report's data represents: job title, geographic location, industry, age of data, and number of respondent records.

Total Compensation
View the pay range data for the specified position. This includes salary range, hourly rate (if appropriate), bonus range, and common benefits offered to employees.

Pay Influencers
See the breakdown of specific variables that influence a position's pay. Common factors include salary by experience level, skills, certifications, and education. Some positions even include factors specific to their industry, like salary by hospital beds for nurses or salary by flight route for airline pilots.

Anonymous Respondent Profiles
Review actual profiles of up to 10 respondents in your report. You see both the data source and reliable comparables to individuals in the same position as your employees. Like housing comparables, this section gives you an instant snapshot of what real people are making in your local job market.

You'll never doubt where our data comes from. At the bottom of each report is a clear explanation of how PayScale collects, filters, and manages its data.

Report Filtering and Data Search Tools
PayScale's data search system is designed to save you time when searching for compensation data matched to your organization's needs. You can easily pivot the results to reflect a larger or smaller geographic sample area (local, state, regional, national) and narrow in on specific variables (years experience, skill type, etc.).

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