What is PayScale About?

It's About Saving Time and Money

Why spend money on traditional salary surveys published by big compensation consulting firms? These surveys are time-consuming and expensive for your organization. PayScale provides accurate, real-time salary data and your company is not required to participate in a lengthy salary survey to get affordable compensation data. We host and maintain the largest online salary survey in the world and have real-time salary data for over 7,000 positions, receiving 400,000 new records per month. In today's economy, many salaries are trending downwards and only a few have increased. Do you know if market rates for your positions have changed? Instant, low cost access to current market rates for your positions is crucial in helping your company save time and money.

It's About Data Accuracy and Reliability

What does accurate data really mean? Certainly, accurate data must reflect actual market rates, but shouldn't there be more? We think so. At PayScale, accuracy also means data that truly matches your organization (size, type, industry, location, etc.) and employees (length of service, skill set, certifications, etc.). Accuracy means knowing what organizations similar to yours are paying to recruit and retain employees. It means being confident the data you base your decisions on truly reflects your organization's market.

It's About Powerful Search Technology

You are too busy to spend time randomly sifting through volumes of compensation data in search of reliable information. PayScale's unique search technology enables you to instantly find salary data that matches your company and your company's positions. With access to over 5 million current pay records, it has never been easier to find accurate information for your compensation projects.

It's About Data Transparency

For you to trust our data you have to understand where it comes from. Simply put, our data comes directly from the source - employees and employers. We administer the largest ongoing online salary survey in the world, receiving over a quarter-of-a-million new records per month - equal to 4 large company surveys every day! To ensure that you are using accurate, reliable and unbiased data we employ robust statistical techniques to identify and remove outliers and conduct annual studies with 3rd party surveys for comparative analysis. In addition to these important steps, we also run validation rules on every report. Here are a few examples:

  • We only accept data submitted by individuals that have a current job or job offer.
  • No duplicate records are accepted.
  • All data must fall within expected norms set forth by our compensation analysts.
  • Any data that fails to meet our stringent requirements is flagged for independent review by one of our compensation analysts.