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Profiles in Success
Noal Robinson
Director of Human Resources
DWG & Associates, Inc.

Describe DWG & Associates, and how you execute benchmarking.
"We are a commercial construction firm, with a focus on federal contracts. Much of our labor force is paid according to federal wage scales, but we also have a wide variety of positions across the company that need focus and compensation guidance.

I've built a comp plan, looked at industry surveys out there, and PayScale is clearly the driving force for how compensation surveys and data is going. It's not simply going after targeting companies in different industries, but looking for individuals specifically to report data. PayScale is how compensation surveys are going to look in the future, it's very powerful."

Why did you choose PayScale in the first place? What business objective were you trying to address?
"I needed a compensation survey that was specific to the industry we're in, but provided data on a broad spectrum of positions. I found that PayScale had the broadest range of positions and data for every position in our organization. I go to the PayScale Web site, enter criteria, and they always have data. Not only do they produce results, they provide back-up to that data as well. You know it's real and not just survey assumptions."

Can you describe how PayScale has been used specifically to save your organization money in one or more compensation or benchmarking situations? "Just choosing PayScale in the first place saved us money. I'm using PayScale with stronger, more comprehensive data and it's far better priced than other survey tools. My plan is to use PayScale to build a strong compensation plan for our organization that will keep us competitive in the market, and help us to recruit and retain top talent. That will clearly be not just a cost savings opportunity, but a revenue driver as well."

Would you recommend PayScale to an HR professional colleague, and why? "Yes, absolutely. The dynamic way in which they gather data, both by organization and individual as well as how they represent the data and report it to customers, is fantastic. When I do a search I get a full report - not just a salary or a range. The way the data is presented in the report, it's a much better flow, much better way of providing true detail of the data so when I go and put together my compensation plan for my organization and my managers come back and question it, I have back-up for each individual role.

PayScale provides a much stronger set of data that I can provide management. They already feel much more at ease."