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Profiles in Success
Joe Vickrey
Recruiting Manager
Forerunner Corporation

Describe Forerunner, and how you execute benchmarking.

"We're an oil and gas engineering consulting firm with 250 employees. With PayScale, we were looking for a tool to get a closer, more specific snapshot of what we do vs. what other studies can provide.

PayScale's information is dynamic. Most compensation firms publish a book and you really don't know how old the data is. PayScale is an ongoing process, not just a snapshot of what salaries looked like when it was published."

Why did you choose PayScale in the first place? What business objective were you trying to address?

"I'm of the mind that there is a market value for positions externally, but there is also an internal value to the company and our projects that we pass through to our clients. If we allow that upward pressure in certain areas of our expertise to drive salaries too high, we put ourselves out of the market and limit our ability to work on certain projects. PayScale gives us clear, accurate data to price jobs right and win more projects for our business."

Why did you choose PayScale over other compensation data alternatives?
"PayScale allows us to be much more selective about criteria we care about when pricing jobs. I haven't seen other products that we could manipulate data on to try different things. You can go in and change location, company size, other comparison tools and rank importance of those things to get a different picture of the information. Whether it's driving salaries up or down, you can look based on job description and see more of a controlled sample, a more thoughtful sample."

Can you describe how PayScale has been used specifically to save your organization money in one or more compensation or benchmarking situations?
"Every time we've used it, we've saved money for the organization. It really is understanding what we're looking at, and what those impacts mean to the company. Rather than guessing, we can deal in real numbers."

Would you recommend PayScale to an HR professional colleague, and why?
"We're no longer relying on anecdotal information. We've easily saved our subscription costs and more this year by not comparing ourselves to companies that aren't really comparable. The accuracy of the data has saved us money."