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Profiles in Success
Dean Stainton
HR Manager
NRI Distribution

About NRI Distribution

"We import and distribute products for companies throughout Canada, with 200 employees primarily in the Kamloops area. When I joined the company, there were some compensation structures in place, but we wanted to re-evaluate the entire compensation strategy, and ensure we're paying the right rates."

Why did you choose PayScale?

"PayScale has more data than other providers, and colleagues in our area and industry were already using it. With that depth of information, we have confidence that our compensation is in line with others. The depth of data from PayScale has been critical. With other salary surveys, we'd only have access to regional data and thus need to rely on information from Vancouver or other larger markets. We'd have to make assumptions on that data. PayScale gives us granular information at a local level, ensuring we are pricing jobs far more accurately."

How has PayScale made your job easier?

"The validity of the data is key. I trust what I'm seeing and don't need to bounce it off of other survey sources. The online application is very easy to use, and allows me to create different filters for different jobs. We can better match each job internally to that of the overall marketplace. I also really appreciate the PayScale webinars on a variety of topics that help me throughout my role."

How has PayScale specifically saved you time?
"From a pure time perspective, the online application I have at my fingertips is critical. I get the information I need faster than before. I've used other online compensation applications before, and they didn't give me the same filter mechanism or as much flexibility."

How has PayScale specifically saved you money?
"We have some people that will be red circled this year, PayScale helped us do that. Long term it will absolutely save us money as it ensures we're being responsible with the money we spend on compensation. It's a great management tool."

Would you recommend PayScale to a colleague, and why?
"Yes I would. It's a very flexible application, more up to date than what you will see with traditional surveys. The level of service we've received and the ongoing webinars have been excellent. Overall, it's been a very positive experience. Exactly what we wanted, I really appreciate the relationship."