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Profiles in Success
Gayla R. Sherry, MBA, SPHR, CMC
Gayla R. Sherry Associates, Inc.

About Gayla R. Sherry Associates
Gayla R. Sherry Associates is a human resources consultancy. Gayla works with a variety of clients in the for-profit and not-for profit sectors across the United States.

What do you like about PayScale?

"I like PayScale because it gives me the ability to drill down to specific markets and types of organizations. I can customize the searches by level of education and depth of service. PayScale is easy to use. I love it.

Before I started working with PayScale, I found it hard to benchmark salaries for some of my clients. It was hard to get good information from organizations that are truly similar to my clients. Even if I could get the data, I wasn't sure I could trust it. With PayScale, I know the data is valid - and PayScale saves me enormous amounts of time.

PayScale makes me look great in front of my clients. I can get them an answer to a compensation request within minutes. Sometimes they ask me, 'How did you do that?'"

Can you describe how PayScale has saved your clients money?

"One of my clients is a healthcare organization with a long history of inadequate compensation practices. They have not kept up with market rates, and the only people who had received raises were those threatening to resign if they did not receive an increase. The result was horrible inequity and misalignment with their overall compensation strategy.

This client has several LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) positions. The wages were much too low. As a result, they couldn't recruit effectively. They either got dud resumes or during the recruiting process lost good people who would say, 'I'm sorry, but I can't work for that pay.'

I used PayScale to help realign the LPN compensation. With the revised compensation, we got quality applicants. The positions are now fully staffed with good people and turnover is low.

That client calls me when they are considering a pay raise for an employee. Just last week, the client wanted to give a raise to a Lab Assistant, who was claiming to be underpaid relative to the market. I ran a search that proved that the compensation was, in fact, right in line with the market rate. My client was able to go back to the Lab Assistant and explain why he would not be getting a raise.

Employees will always ask for, and take, more money. It's my job to make sure that my clients are not spending money when they do not have to, and when it can further complicate salary inequities."