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Profiles in Success
Mandie LaMontagne
Director of Human Resources
Solaris Worldwide

About Solaris

Solaris operates a diverse set of businesses, including online and traditional retail pharmacies. Mandie LaMontagne was brought on board in early 2008 to put in place core HR structure, tools and processes. Compensation was the first issue that she chose to address.

Why did you choose PayScale?
"PayScale gave me flexibility and freedom to pull compensation reports the way I need them. It makes analysis easy to do, and is very user friendly. PayScale reports and data are beautifully presented; I don't have to spend time changing formats or layout."

What were your business objectives in choosing PayScale?

"PayScale helps me save money, time and resources. Using PayScale enables expediency due to the user interface and ease of finding the information I need fast."

What are the benefits of working with PayScale?
"From the beginning, PayScale's customer service has been outstanding. The new customer training was very effective. The speed and quality of follow up on questions has been consistently strong."

Has using PayScale helped Solaris save money?
"Definitely. I've worked with compensation information for over 15 years and PayScale enables a fundamentally different approach which saves substantial money.

Previously, I would have to purchase multiple surveys, compile the required information, verify the age of the data, analyze job descriptions and manipulate the data. The opportunity for error was immense. I would spend weeks in this process.

I'm now saving money not just by avoiding buying multiple surveys, but also significantly on the labor of pulling it all together into something that means something for our business."