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Profiles in Success
David B. Adams
Director of Benefits & Compensation
Volunteers of America

About Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America (VOA) is a national non-profit organization, with local chapters throughout the United States. VOA does benchmarking twice a year along with bi-annual salary reviews, but also conducts benchmarking "at the spur of the moment" if there are issues or questions about particular roles.

Why did you choose PayScale in the first place? What business objective were you trying to address?
"We have so many different titles in our organization. To find benchmark data on all of these titles in one place previously was impossible. We were spending thousands of dollars on specialized surveys. When PayScale came along, I was just amazed at all the job titles they had. In fact, it has so many titles and such great data, I can drill down to education and experience which other surveys won't do, and it's all online. We've stopped buying other surveys and just focus on PayScale. Our senior managers were amazed at how much was available, and how quickly they can run reports."

Can you describe how PayScale has specifically saved your organization money?
"We had a request recently to improve certain salaries in a part of our organization. I checked PayScale and found that their current compensation was in fact just fine. I had all of the back-up I needed to have that discussion with the manager. This directly saved us from having to increase compensation for those employees. It's very cool to have something like this at my fingertips. We know we're paying very good market salaries, and know exactly when we need to make changes or stay put."

Would you recommend PayScale to other HR professionals and why?
"There's a wealth of information in PayScale, and it's not dated information. It's real-time. It's really more than just benchmarking, there's a lot of reporting capabilities, you can see exactly how your company and all of its positions stand, role by role. It's easy to use. I love it."