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Degree/Major Subject Index (Australia) - D

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Popular DegreesNumber of Data Profiles
Diploma (Dipl) 85
Diploma (Dipl), Accounting 82
Diploma (Dipl), Advertising & Graphic Design 11
Diploma (Dipl), Beauty Therapy 14
Diploma (Dipl), Building Construction (BC) 14
Diploma (Dipl), Business & Marketing 36
Diploma (Dipl), Business Administration 125
Diploma (Dipl), Business Management 290
Diploma (Dipl), Child Care Studies 21
Diploma (Dipl), Civil Engineering (CE) 11
Diploma (Dipl), Dental Technology 15
Diploma (Dipl), Early Childhood Education 32
Diploma (Dipl), Event Management 30
Diploma (Dipl), Financial Planning 23
Diploma (Dipl), General Business 45
Diploma (Dipl), Graphic Design 112
Diploma (Dipl), Hospitality Management 106
Diploma (Dipl), Human Resources (HR) 16
Diploma (Dipl), Human Resources Management (HRM) 84
Diploma (Dipl), Information Technology (IT) 81
Diploma (Dipl), Interior Design 19
Diploma (Dipl), Marketing & Management 11
Diploma (Dipl), Massage Therapy 12
Diploma (Dipl), Mechanical Engineering (ME) 19
Diploma (Dipl), Occupational Health and Safety 24
Diploma (Dipl), Project Management 65
Diploma of Nursing (DN) 42
Doctor of Medicine (MD) 75
Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) 18
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Chemistry 12
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer Science (CS) 19
Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) 11
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 20
Doctorate (PhD) 580
Doctorate (PhD), Chemistry 15
Doctorate (PhD), Computer Science (CS) 13
Doctorate (PhD), Geology 14
Doctorate (PhD), Physics 11
Doctorate (PhD), Psychology 23
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