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Popular DegreesNumber of Data Profiles
Technical Certificate 30
Technical Certificate, Automotive 15
Technical Certificate, Automotive Technology 14
Technical Certificate, Computer Science (CS) 13
Technical Certificate, Construction Trades 10
Technical Certificate, Electronics 15
Technical Certificate, Information Technology (IT) 73
Technical Certificate, Occupational Health and Safety 13
Technical Diploma 52
Technical Diploma, Accounting 17
Technical Diploma, Architectural Technology 92
Technical Diploma, Architecture 24
Technical Diploma, Business Administration 22
Technical Diploma, Civil Engineering (CE) 15
Technical Diploma, Civil Engineering Technology (CET) 118
Technical Diploma, Computer Engineering (CE) 12
Technical Diploma, Computer Information Systems (CIS) 56
Technical Diploma, Computer Networking Systems 14
Technical Diploma, Computer Programming 53
Technical Diploma, Computer Science (CS) 75
Technical Diploma, Computer Systems Technology 23
Technical Diploma, Construction Management 17
Technical Diploma, Electrical Engineering (EE) 16
Technical Diploma, Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) 22
Technical Diploma, Electronics 35
Technical Diploma, Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) 84
Technical Diploma, Information Technology (IT) 106
Technical Diploma, Interior Design 13
Technical Diploma, Mechanical Engineering (ME) 27
Technical Diploma, Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) 143
Technical Diploma, Software Applications & Programming 10
Technical School Diploma, Architectural Technology 23
Technical School Diploma, Computer Science (CS) 12
Technical School Diploma, Information Technology (IT) 18
Technical School Diploma, Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) 22
Trade School Diploma 15
Trade School Diploma, Automotive 40
Trade School Diploma, Carpentry 10
Trade School Diploma, Electrician Studies 10
Trade School Diploma, Millwright 135
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