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Popular SchoolsNumber of Data Profiles
J. F. Drake State Technical College 21
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College 151
Jackson Community College 92
Jackson High School 35
Jackson State Community College (JSCC) 55
Jackson State University (JSU) 167
Jacksonville High School 14
Jacksonville State University (JSU) 212
Jacksonville University 144
Jadavpur University 29
Jamaica High School 11
James A Rhodes State College 62
James H Faulkner State Community College 38
James Logan High School 19
James Madison High School 54
James Madison University (JMU) 903
James Monroe High School 17
James Sprunt Community College 16
Jamestown Business College 31
Jamestown College 37
Jamestown Community College 63
Jamestown High School 13
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University - Hyderabad 84
Jawaharlal Nehru University 10
Jefferson College 20
Jefferson College of Health Sciences 39
Jefferson Community College 228
Jefferson County High School 27
Jefferson Davis Community College 27
Jefferson State Community College 109
Jeffersonville High School 12
Jersey City State College 18
Jersey Village High School 11
John A. Logan College 38
John Adams High School 35
John Bartram High School 11
John Brown University 124
John C Calhoun State Community College 107
John Carroll University 222
John F. Kennedy High School 193
John F. Kennedy University 41
John Marshall High School 55
John Marshall Law School - Atlanta, GA 13
John Marshall Law School - Chicago, IL 65
John Tyler Community College 72
John Wood Community College 22
Johns Hopkins University 1,260
Johnson & Wales University - Charlotte, NC 91
Johnson & Wales University - Denver, CO 69
Johnson & Wales University - North Miami, FL 56
Johnson & Wales University (JWU) 221
Johnson & Wales University (JWU) - Online 12
Johnson & Wales University (JWU) - Providence, RI 536
Johnson Bible College 27
Johnson C Smith University 47
Johnson College 15
Johnson County Community College 139
Johnson High School 18
Johnson State College 62
Johnston Community College 35
Johnston High School 13
Joliet Junior College 186
Jones College of Jacksonville 22
Jones County Junior College 58
Jones International University 101
Jordan High School 36
Judson College - Marion, AL 10
Judson University - Elgin, IL 81
Juniata College 64
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