Professional Services Industry Landscape

The professional services industry covers a number of different market sectors. These firms cater to companies who need to outsource jobs such as consulting, advertising, engineering, accounting, legal services, IT services, and other tasks that can’t be handled internally, or that require outside expertise.

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The confidence to say, ‘this is what the market is paying for this job’ is really powerful.

Michele Bourdon Keeffe, BuzzBee CEO and Founder

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The need for the services in the Professional Services industry is dependent on the current state of the economy and corporate profits. During the economic downturn, many companies decided that these services were not vital to the success of their businesses. The lack of regular incoming projects was a blow to many firms. Small firms in particular struggled to survive.

Currently, there is a place for both large and small firms in the market because larger firms offer more services but smaller firms are able to offer more specialized services. Technological advancements have also proven to be a significant contributor to the post-recession recuperation of lawyers, accountants, consultants, advertising agencies, public relations firms and the like.

Larger firms in particular have invested their financial resources in a variety of communication technologies that have helped them to improve relationships with customers and keep track of day-to-day business functions. Generally speaking, this industry relies heavily on either providing a large range of services or providing specialized services that can’t be found elsewhere.

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Financial Advisor
Marketing Director
Senior Interior Designer
Business Development Manager
Creative Director


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