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So many factors affect nurse job salaries. PayScale takes multiple key variables into consideration, such as specialized nursing skills, nursing certifications and nursing specialties. We consider your nursing specialty, level of experience, location, venue, academic background, shift, and more so that we can provide you with nurse salary information that is highly personalized and relevant.

National Median Nurse Salaries -
PayScale Salary Survey for Nurses

Top Skills
1. Family Practice - $60,909
2. Acute Care - $58,098
3. Quality Improvement - $56,224
4. Intensive Care Unit - $56,224
5. Psychiatric - $56,224

Top Industries
1. Medical Office - $58,098
2. Healthcare - $56,758
3. Health Care Services - $56,224
4. Acute Care Hospital - $56,224
5. Hospital - $52,626

Top Certifications
1. Family Nurse (FNP) - $60,882
2. Certified Primary Care - $58,839
3. Critical Care - $57,205
4. Advanced Cardiac (ACLS) - $57,205
5. American Nurses (ANCC) - $57,205

Top Organizations
1. Private Practice - $59,035
2. Team - $58,520
3. Hospital - $56,224
4. College/University - $56,224
5. Self-Employed - $56,224

Online Nurse Job Articles
As the healthcare employment landscape changes, travel nurse job opportunities are growing, but what are the real benefits of traveling nurse employment compared to traditional nursing jobs? In this salary story, we spoke to Florida-based traveling nurse Amy Robbins about her traveling nurse opportunities and current traveling nurse job, the benefits of being a traveling nurse and a traveling nurse's salary.
If you want to be a nurse, you're in luck; the sweeping demand is expected to get stronger. But what about starting salaries for a nurse? And what kind of education is needed to be a nurse? How much do registered nurses makes in salary? How much money does a nurse practitioner make? How is a registered nurse starting salary?

The standard job description of a Registered Nurse contains these general duties. Assessing patient health needs and problems, developing and implementing, nursing care plans, and maintaining medical records. Job description of a Registered Nurse also encompasses administering nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled patients.

Nursing News Articles:
PayScale Career Advice - Nurse Jobs
Honesty pays
Registered Nurse (RN) - (City withheld for privacy), Massachusetts, United States.

Posted in Discussing Compensation on 5/29/2007.
I think it is fair to say that we all enter a job interview with a minimum compensation amount in mind. If the topic wasn't presented within the first 1/2 hour of the interview, I would raise the issue myself. Why waste the valuable time of the interviewer, or your own time, if the compensation is not acceptable to you? You know your experience, skill levels, and areas of expertise or specialty. You've worked hard to attain these goals. If the money isn't satisfactory . . . walk.

Fired after 9 1/2 years at same facility!

Registered Nurse (RN) - (City withheld for privacy), Louisiana, United States.

Posted in I Was Fired on 3/17/2007.
It all stated many years ago when I was first out of nursing school and was made charge nuse when I was only approximately 4 months out of school. During that time we got minimimal feedback from administration and how they wanted to have things run. I concentrated on the nurses working for me, and making sure those nurses provided appropriate patient care no matter what else happened. When I changed jobs to go in the ICU at the same facility my montra remained the same.. Take care of my patient... (read more)

Weird Termination

Registered Nurse (RN) - (City withheld for privacy), Tennessee, United States.

Posted in I Was Fired on 3/8/2007.
Nursing appears to be a very territorial profession and sadly, many compete for the favor of our doctors. If you ever have a preceptor who takes more smoke breaks than work assignments, ask to be re-assigned (forget about hurt feelings) your livelihood is on the line. When switching from one department to another; when asked, be carefull how you portray the old department.

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