Q1 2015: Data Insights (Canada):

A Depressed Oil Industry Slows Canadian Wage Growth

  • Ottawa (0.8 percent) and Vancouver (0.1 percent) were the only two cities in Canada to show quarterly wage increases in Q2 2015.

  • Mirroring patterns in the U.S. market, Canadian oil towns suffer from low oil prices: Edmonton is down 0.1 percent from Q1 and Calgary is down 0.7 percent from Q1.

  • Despite a rough year for cities with a strong oil industry, Edmonton still tops the list of Canadian metros in terms of wage growth both annually and since 2006, with 2.8 percent and 23.4 percent increases respectively.
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Methodology for The PayScale Index: Trends in Compensation
The PayScale Index tracks quarterly changes in total cash compensation for full-time, private industry employees in the Canada. The PayScale Index uses 2006 average total cash compensation as a baseline.

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