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Many factors affect IT job salaries. PayScale takes multiple key variables into consideration, such as specialized IT skills, IT certifications and IT specialties. We consider years experience, employer type, location and company sales so that we can provide you with IT job salary information that is highly personalized and relevant.

National Median IT Salaries -
PayScale National IT Salary Survey

Top 5 IT Certifications
1. Cisco Certified (CCNP) - $73,780
2. Project Mgmt. Cert. - $70,263
3. Microsoft Certified (MCSE) - $63,451
4. Microsoft NT - $61,975
5. Microsoft Cert. Pro. (MCP) - $59,024

Top 5 IT Skills
1. Oracle - $71,510
2. Unix - $69,524
3. Project Management - $69,524
4. SQL - $64,558
5. SQL Server (Microsoft) - $62,571

Top 5 IT Industries
1. Financial Services - $69,599
2. IT Consulting - $66,119
3. Software Development - $64,628
4. IT Services - $64,130
5. Banking - $62,142

Top 5 IT Organizations
1. Private Practice - $59,035
2. Team - $58,520
3. Hospital - $56,224
4. College/University - $56,224
5. Self-Employed - $56,224

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Employers just can't find enough workers to fill IT jobs, experts say. What are these abundant IT jobs, and where are IT salaries the highest? And what about information technology workers' education-is a bachelor's degree sufficient, or is more education required? recently reported that Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, appeared in front of Congress, which was weighing the pros and cons of H-1B workers for information system technology jobs. Gates advocated more H-1B visas to lure foreign workers to the U.S. because these "workers are uniquely talented" and are "taking jobs that pay over $100,000 a year." According to the New York Times, the Microsoft median annual salary is $82,500 for new H-1B work visa applicants. A Microsoft H-1B work visa holder, after a few years, could earn $100,000/year. This far exceeds the typical salary requirements for H-1B visa holders. Read more about information system technology jobs and visas.

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PayScale Career Advice: IT Career Advice
Make yourself Indisposable
Network Engineer - (City withheld for privacy), Arizona, United States.

Posted in Negotiating Higher Pay on 3/15/2007.
Take ownership of something or many things, such as me. I own all telecom, networking and PC's; basically all the technical devises, they couldn't get rid of me if they tried.

Best benefit of being govt. contractor as DBA

Database Administrator (DBA) - (City withheld for privacy), Pennsylvania, United States.

Posted in Benefits on 3/12/2007.
The best benefit of being a govt. contractor and DBA is the fact that the work hours are generally relaxed, and for the most part, deadlines aren't too critical. The Govt. doesn't like to pay for more than 40 hours of work in a week, so most often that is what you work. If you do go over, you get paid for it.

Be sure you have something to work on

Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer - (City withheld for privacy), Oregon, United States.

Posted in I Was Fired on 9/24/2006.
My "manager" (boss) gave me a finished project to work on, prohibited me from doing anything else, and then said I had low productivity - just in time for the layoffs. Fight like hell to get a task that can show visible productivity. Even though productivity is the result of the sum total of ALL factors, including the ones that the boss is responsible for - you're the one who will get all the blame. Managers like to assume that productivity is like height - it's solely an attribute of the individual, like height.

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