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Fair Pay
Too much responsibility for amount of pay and hindered
Director of Operations - (City withheld for privacy), Pennsylvania, United States
When I started this job I was very excited because it gave me an opportunity to work in a rewarding environment. I did not realize they had reduced the previous job title from Chief Operating Officer to Director of Operations kept the same amount of responsibilities but lowered the level of authority. I do almost everything but I am restricted from calling all of the shots that affect final outcomes. At this level the position should pay a min of six figures and have the authority to execute.
Posted in Fair Pay on 25 Jan 2011
.Job Lookout
Retail Sales Specialist - (City withheld for privacy), North Carolina, United States
This job is great for someone looking to have the last 5-10 years before retirement.
Posted in Fair Pay on 21 Dec 2010
I'm Below Median
Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) - (City withheld for privacy), Texas, United States
Employer has implemented salary freezes for the last several years. It would seem the only way to maintain fair pay is to change positions or employers, as there have been no merit-based or market-based salary adjustments. Bonuses, when earned by exemplary performance, appear to be considerably less than could be earned by expending the same energy and effort on a second job.
Posted in Fair Pay on 16 Nov 2010
Foreign Ownership
Operations Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Arizona, United States
Worked for a company for years and only one raise through a five year bankruptcy. The company is making almost 10 figures now and there are still no raises or bonuses in site. Foreign owners will always think that those in the US are too highly paid. So my advice to those taking a job with one - negotiate as hard as you dare from the start because raises are too few and far between.
Posted in Fair Pay on 23 Oct 2010
There are fewer of us techies
Electronics Technician - (City withheld for privacy), South Dakota, United States
Keep this in the back of your mind knowing that there are more engineers than there are technicians in this field and employer will find it difficult to hire experienced technicians.
Posted in Fair Pay on 30 Aug 2010
Better Pay
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) - (City withheld for privacy), Florida, United States
I feel that certified nursing assistants should get paid at least $12.00 an hour for the simple fact that we work the hardest and are exposed to all of the diseases that the patients have, yeah

I understand nurses pass medicine but we have to help them when patients are out of hand. We have reposition them every 2 hours give all patients bed baths and dress them if they are on the get up list etc.

Posted in Fair Pay on 23 Aug 2010
Your worth every penny!
Daycare Teacher - (City withheld for privacy), Texas, United States
Make sure you get paid what you deserve. We work so hard and get paid so little!
Posted in Fair Pay on 19 Aug 2010
Fair Pay
Real Estate Analyst - (City withheld for privacy), South Carolina, United States
I have more responsibilities than most do and have found out I'm a lot lower on the scale than people with less responsibities. I have been a Real Estate Analyst for 19 years and make $38,500 and have an excellent performance appraisal; the highest you can get.
Posted in Fair Pay on 12 Aug 2010
Low pay for big job
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) - (City withheld for privacy), Kentucky, United States
Our jobs as a CNA are very important to the pateints/residents also to all nurses who appreciate us. I have many certificates through out my life and I am only 28. You would think I would have gone further. My plans for the future, RN. I am stuck working at the lowest paying hospital in this area, literly speaking, I have many years experience and get paid less than $9 an hour CRAZY. That is life! No one to blame but your self. There are schools out there and anyone can do it. I have 6 kids and a loving husband we support each other. Our goal to finish school with in the next 5 years, so we don't feel like a nobody in life when really we are the most important person in nursing. GOOD LUCK to all.
Posted in Fair Pay on 12 Aug 2010
Excercise your rights, and DO NOT get involved in the 'family' type medical office
Medical Assistant (Certified) - (City withheld for privacy), California, United States
I have worked for the same practice for 4 years. A surgical clinic consisting of 5 surgeons, 2 of whom specialize in vascular surgery - ever since I was hired I have been praised by patients and other staff members alike (albeit only verbally) as the one who got things done, the one to go to for answers, and the one who did his job well. This resulting advice comes from years of very hard work, very long hours, and the painful reality underneath it all.

The other staff members dump (on average) about 70% of their workload onto me whilst they stand around chatting to patients and amongst one another about their personal lives (getting extremely intimate at times about very VERY inappropriate details)

Pay was never based upon skill, work load, work quality, attendance, or any other criteria based in reality - rather; the other staff members, some who had no more than a high school education were ALL paid more than medical assistants and the physicians assistant. Specifically the main receptionist who had no formal education or training was paid almost 3 times my rate of pay for doing what is comparable to shuffling papers on a desk and pretending to work for 7 hours a day, after which time her workload was promptly given to the back office staff (aka yours truly) to preform on top of all other job duties.

The manager (who happens to be the owners significant other) has constantly been of the "we're just in a phase, things will get better" mindset and dismisses my requests for fair pay and my suggestions with a smug passive aggressive attitude something along the lines of a "if I ignore it it'll go away" attitude. The manager would also gladly throw anyone under the bus to save face or avoid her own short-comings whenever possible, commonly resulting in being told to preform a task; when the doctor found out and brought to your attention that what you were doing was against what they wanted the manager would inevitably deny any involvement in telling you to do said task.

The icing on the cake is the legal corner cutting involved; like the employee handbook that specified that employees were not to discuss their pay in OR OUT of the office REGARDLESS of whether you were on work time or not. A clause which (in the state I am in at least) is SPECIFICALLY and COMPLETELY against the law.

When managers are asking you find ways around laws to exploit workers or give someone less money - RUN, and do NOT turn back EVER!

What's the moral of this story? The medical field is not as straight forward as it seems, office politics and personal grudges between doctors affecting the lives of sick people is not pretty, why should you get stiffed and have to deal with that and not be able to do anything about it?

Posted in Fair Pay on 6 May 2010
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