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I Was Fired
Speak up!
Parts Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Maine, United States
For the first few years I worked, it was in a dead-end cashier job. I pulled myself out of that situation by continuing my education, in service and repair, but when I got home from school I found out how difficult someone in my position has it. Instead of working as a tech, I went into parts instead.

Working for an autoparts chain, I thought I had a chance, a shot at something better. Only after wasting four years did I realize that speaking up for oneself will only get you terminated, especially if you are female working in a male-dominated field. Especially if the place you work has more males than females and your supervisor has no spine. I was terminated, because I would not accept the blame for others mistakes, others who should have been reprimanded, but were not.

Don't stop speaking up, don't stop fighting, no matter how much you want to. If enough of us do, then maybe that glass ceiling will shatter.

Posted in I Was Fired on 1 Nov 2010
Physically Impossible Expectations
Estimator, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), Texas, United States
I hired on as an exempt employee with a moderate annual income, as the chief estimator for a privately owned concrete company in Dallas Texas. Weekly meetings were held to review and schedule projects, and assign those projects for bid to either myself or one other estimator. A couple of months go by and I'm informed of the junior estimator's employment being terminated, but that I would continue the work load with the support from other office personnel. Several months later with the work load expectations consistantly increasing and any support dwendling, I'm having to work longer hours and weekends to maintain an almost impossible schedule. The eleventh month of my employment it happened, I was unable to bid a scheduled project. I was expected to accurately estimate and quote six projects in five days, one of which needed forty man hours minimum. I worked forteen consecutive days averaging twelve hour days and failed to work all nite into the fifteen day and was fired...I had fallen asleep after going home for dinner around ten that evening and failed to return until eight that morning. Get your job expectations up front and in writing, be sure your not hired to do physically impossible expectations. By the way, when I asked how I was expected to start and complete a minimum 40 man hour scheduled project in less than eighteen hours with no help, I got no answer.

Posted in I Was Fired on 2 Sep 2010
Medical Office Assistant - South Carolina, United States
I worked in an OB/Gyn Office 11-06 till 06-10 I loved my job. I was the Doctor's only nurse. The job was very stressful as the Dr. sometimes was unreasonable. I kept working there on my feet for sometimes 10 hours per day. My legs started swelling like the pregnant girls we cared for.

Then I started feeling sick. The kicker was in January 2010 the Doctore, in one of her fits, threw charts at me. I gave my letter of resignation for the end of February.

The Dr. asked me to go on a leave of absence and get my medical needs taken care of. I gave her 3 weeks before going on leave.

I found out what was wrong with me medically then I fell and fractured my left wrist. The Doctor found out about my illness and that I had a fracture. She sent me a registered letter stating my inability to respond in a timely manor to my return to the office. The L.O.A. was terminated. This was my dream job and I miss it every day. I am hoping another doctor's office will give me another chance.

Posted in I Was Fired on 8 Jul 2010
Time Will Tell
MST - (City withheld for privacy), California, United States
Grieving a termination for alleged misconduct is tough because the union (CWA) seems to be in the company's pocket. Time is precious, with the current state of our US economy and having now waited 14 months since being fired for this "process" to see its way through...all one can do is thank God for unemployment insurance and continue to wait for the answer to my appeal from the national executive committee members. Keeping a positive attitude helps, and it doesn't hurt knowing that you are in the right and have been, to put it simply: "WRONGFULLY TERMINATED". I'm sticking it out to the end - they say "time waits for no one" and I am not getting any younger telling you all this so, with that - here's to you and to me and trusting that in the end.... Right Always Wins.
Posted in I Was Fired on 19 Mar 2010
If it sounds too good to be true........
Registered Nurse (RN) - (City withheld for privacy), Kansas, United States
1. If they offer you a bonus, get it in writing.

2. If you're the first person they have hired, since taking over, RUN!

3. If they keep telling you, things will get better, just hang in there, RUN!

4. If they the never keep their promises of training, follow-up meetings, communication, RUN!

5. If management makes excuses for others' unprofessional behavior, RUN!

6. If coworkers have complete disregard for P&P and verbally say they don't care, RUN!

7. If anyone says they are there to just do their job and nothing outside their tasks, RUN! Healthcare is not a solo profession.

8. If your gut says get the hell out, RUN!

9. If you're harassed and management makes excuses, RUN!

10. If a manager witnesses harassment and walks away, RUN!

11. If PCT's and LPN's openly defy your RN opinion and management won't put a stop to it, RUN! Especially, when your RN assessment of the patient and course of treatment saves a life, time and time again, RUN!

12. If management thinks it's only 'fair' to have everyone rotate an after hours job, one which a PCT is qualified to do, and justifies paying an RN's to do it as 'fair.' then complains when you take OT to do what only an RN can do, RUN!

13. When everyone, management, PCT's, LPN's, and other RN's think their jobs are equal to one another, RUN! People are equal, but education, licenses, diplomas, certifications will always create a ladder of authority. A Phd has authority over an RN just as an RN has authority over a PCT. Does the Dr listen to the RN and the RN listen to the PCT, yes. But I would never openly disagree with a Dr in front of a patient and a PCT shouldn't do that with a RN. It's not who's right and who's wrong, it's not about who's better, it's about professionalism, and doing what's right for the patient.

14. If you received your education from an accredited nursing school, never work for a company that will hire nurses educated from a non-accredited school. Your asking for trouble.

I know I made mistakes, punching the time clock on time is not my forte. But the worst one was staying, hoping, trusting. Thinking I could continue to be the best nurse I could be and require the same commitment out of everyone else, was a huge mistake. Especially when your working with people who don't understand what it means to be professional, show confidence, admit they don't know an answer, feel they have to belittle you to make themselves feel better.

In the end I was terminated by a letter sent Federal Express and never allowed to speak or defend myself. Their reasons were based on unsubstantiated accusations of misconduct, from the very same individuals who were known to have harassed me earlier in the year.

As the nurse before me wrote in, tell yourself, remind yourself of all the good things you are.

A. I'm a GOOD PERSON, with a good heart!

B. I'm an excellent nurse and have always been an advocate for my patients and their families.

C. I deserve to be treated fairly, and I am the only person who can stand up for myself.

D. Hold my head high, I have been true to myself, my license, my patients.

I ran into a doctor I had worked with prior to this position and gave him a synopsis of my horrible experience. When the shock of the accusations about me left his face, he said "sounds like a bad case of jealousy to me."

I'm going to start my own campaign and write former co-workers, nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, managers and ask them if they could write a letter of recommendation for me. I wish I had asked for that from them throughout my career. It always helps to have the recommendations for future employment, but its also something tangible that I can refer to anytime I doubt myself.

There are good people in this world and they do outnumber the nasty ones. I'm determined this time to find a job from a company that places value in education, knowledge, common sense, humor, professionalism, and has zero tolerance for harassment, selfishness and two-faced talking.

Thank you for reading.

Posted in I Was Fired on 22 Oct 2009
how to win the hearts and mind of your co worker
Pastry Chef - (City withheld for privacy), New York, United States
be nice

be good listner

make every one job easy

do not make too many changes at once

show respect to every one.

Posted in I Was Fired on 20 Dec 2008
i need to work days
Fleet Dispatcher (Trucking & Transportation) - (City withheld for privacy), California, United States
i really need to work day shift but I am not goig to be able to go to day shift I do I look for another job that pays me 45,ooo a year
Posted in I Was Fired on 31 Aug 2008
Banker II
Personal Banker - (City withheld for privacy), Connecticut, United States
Report Manager to Human Resource because i was harrast and i was constantly make fun of my accent and instead i got suspended for POSSIBLE fraud of the inscentive program and that when my husband when to get me he was on the phone in front of my job and the manager and assistant manager said that my husband treatning then and 2 other co-worker colaborate that. then again is only 6 employee in this branch including me.
Posted in I Was Fired on 31 Aug 2008
Don't get old
Construction Worker - (City withheld for privacy), Georgia, United States
I am a 53 years carpenter I move to slow for the work but i can do the work i am just to old.
Posted in I Was Fired on 24 Aug 2008
I was fired.
Creative Services Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Michigan, United States
After working at a retail custom framing and art store for thirteen years, I was fired. I had started at this job as a part time framer after moving from another area, and worked my way up to assistant manager after only two years. I was made store manager after another year. When I had been there for almost nine years the owners closed our branch, but offered me the management position at their other store, which was about a thirty minute commute.

Things never seemed to improve after the first store closed; the economy was slow, then 9/11 hit all retail in our area a big blow. (We weren't in the affected area, but it still hurt) I made many attempts to improve the look of the store, which I felt was much too cluttered. All of my attempts were rebuffed by the owner, who seemed to want to pack as much product in the space as possible, instead of making it look like a classy gallery. He was more interested in keeping cash flow going than retaining long-term customers, thus always promised more than he could deliver. I felt that this was bad judgment, that he was lying to people and risking the reputation of the store. I tried for a long time to work alongside him and cooperate for the benefit of the store, but after a while it wore me out trying to cover for his lack of integrity. After we made an agreement to switch my salary status to hourly, he hounded me in every task and felt that I was wasting time just to get more hours; this was not true. He just knew that I was doing the same job I had been doing, but now he wasn't going to get my services as freely as when I was on salary. After a month being an hourly employee he fired me, so I felt the problem was that he couldn't afford to keep paying me rather than my "unwillingness to cooperate."

My advice is not to let it get you down when you are fired, because it's possible that other positions, better positions, will open up to you. And if you honestly know that you were doing your best in a bad situation, something better is bound to come along. I went back to school after this incident and found that I loved being there! I had a work/study job to help me out, and ended up graduating with highest honors. I'm still looking for work at the present, but considering the economy in our area I know I'm not the only one. There is a position I'm being considered for, and it is my DREAM job, so things should stil work out. Hang in there!!

Posted in I Was Fired on 9 Aug 2008
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