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Dream Job
The 411 on Teaching Opportunities.....
Teacher Assistant - (City withheld for privacy), New York, United States
There are NONE! Give up while you're ahead.
Posted in Dream Job on 7 Jan 2011
What makes one complete
Administrative+/+Office+Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Alabama, United States
Although I am fairly new at this whole adult life, I must say that we, as a people, rush around for nothing. We are in a hurry to go to school, in a hurry to get out. In a hurry to find a job, in a hurry to retire. But the one question that I had to ask myself was: What makes me complete? Of course, the well-being of my family: mentally, spiritually, and physically. But, all of those must be joined and thought about carefully in order to truly answer what makes you whole. I personally say that having a career that allows me to be independent is very important to me. I want to be able to be involved in my children's lives without worrying that I will lose my job or inconveince someone else. I want stability and an atmosphere that I can share with women similar to me. Mothers and wives who love God and their families and want to prosper in life. I want to surround myself with people just like me and learn new things. I want friends in the work place. I want to be ble to share recepies, talk about what little "Johnny" or little "Susie" did that was just so cute. I want relationship. Some people want to be their own boss. Some want to sit back and just do what they are told. Some don't want families and wouldn't mind working long hours. Some people want to save lives. I think that is wonderful! But, what I think most is I want a doctor who LOVES his job and a cook who LOVES to make WONDERFUL meals to please me and my family. I want and accountant that breathes taxes so mine will be accurate. It is so important to love what you do and do what you love. In my book, that is the key to success and the key to being amazing at what you do. You have to have a heart for what you do everyday, all day!

GOD bless and I hope each of you finds your calling.

Posted in Dream Job on 3 Apr 2007
High school math teacher
High School Teacher - (City withheld for privacy), New York, United States
I beleive I can make a difference in the way students learn
Posted in Dream Job on 14 Dec 2006
Go for your dreams
Elementary School Teacher - Minnesota, United States
There is always some something that always hinders your decision to go for your dreams. But it is not until you go for that something, where you find true happiness.
Posted in Dream Job on 13 Dec 2006
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