Job: Call Center Manager (United States)

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It was easier than i thought... and i'm only 19!!!
Call Center Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Florida, United States
I work for a small company, so when I first realized I was being underpaid, I also realized it would be hard to get a raise. Although seemingly impossible, I started slowly changing other employees views on me from a "robot for the company" to a "valued employee." It started with a list. Yes its that simple... a list. I had a lot of time to think about why I deserved a raise during all of those cold nights forced to stay at the office well into the night. I started with all of the things I was supposed to do as listed in my job responsibilities. Then I gave specific examples of times I did exceptionally well in those required fields. Then (for brownie points) I listed all of the times I went above and beyond even my position to help others. In the end I had a list about 2 pages long ready to present to my boss. (and by the way... I recieved 2 promotions within one week!!! If presented correctly, YOU COULD GET THAT RAISE TOO!!!)
Posted in Negotiating Higher Pay on 29 May 2007
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