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Consultant, Business Process / Management - (City withheld for privacy), California, United States
I was hired as an relief property manager

here in Sacramento.

I was new at this, so I was suppose to be in training.

After my area supervisor met me, she was never the same. She actually plotted and planned for me to quit, so she made it things as hard for me as she possibly could.

Now not knowing anything about apt management but liked it and enjoyed it, I found out right away if you do not know your rights as an employee, it could really hurt you.

I kept asking her to be honest with me but she never did.

Monday morning on the 10th of Sept, I received a phone saying the computer was down and to stay home and they would call if they needed me.

I knew right away, now since I was a relief property manager, I was given an apt.

Our original contract says salary plus


Well, she thought she would really get me so she renegotiated on the contract and was taking money from my paycheck to pay for the apt.

That same day the main office called me handed me my last paycheck $246.00 and given my dismal papers saying I was discharged

because of carelessness and not following instructions. Then I was told I had 48 hours to vacate there property.

Wow was that fair or what..?

Well, I did some researching after I got back to my apt and called Fair Housing. I found out what my rights were.

Now through her own greed she made me a tenant,

because I was paying rent, the apt was not free.

I called the sheriff's office and the labor board who said I needed to file suit.

Also the Sacramento Sheriff told me I have 30 days to leave so not to worry.

Fair Housing advised me to not only to file suit as well, but she could not do a thing until she gave me a 30 day notice to vacate.

Its like everything back fired on her. I did my best, and actually vacancies became filled.

This was due to my previous experience in sales.

17 years one building I ran had 11 to 15 vacancies.

When I took over the building filled up,

and the only units that weren't occupied were the ones that were down units, meaning they needed

maintaince, etc.

So I know God will bless me with a better job, higher pay, and better place to live.

I'm now seeking out the Elk Grove Area for an On Site Property Manager

My advice:



Posted in I Was Fired on 13 Sep 2007
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