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Job Security
Elementary School Teacher - (City withheld for privacy), Texas, United States
Job security is changing in the teaching field. My advice is to be honest and loyal to the job. Principals will respect your work if they are honest people. I think principals should not have a great deal of power over the teachers that work in their building because some or not loyal to the job but use the job for other purposes. There are good principals out there but when you choose principals that don't understand the grade levels then the district will have a problem.
Posted in Job Security on 29 Jun 2010
Balance is achieved with Muliple Interests
Elementary School Teacher - (City withheld for privacy), North Carolina, United States
Teachers suffer from allowing their job consume them, to the detriment of their family and health.

My advice is to make sure you have some other life activities that counter your classroom side...keep learning new things and going on new adventures. You will be a better teacher and the children will benefit from your fresh stories and happier demeanor.

I also believe in seeking and appreciating local in the place you're in!

Posted in Work Life Balance on 21 Jun 2007
Go for your dreams
Elementary School Teacher - Minnesota, United States
There is always some something that always hinders your decision to go for your dreams. But it is not until you go for that something, where you find true happiness.
Posted in Dream Job on 13 Dec 2006
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