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Job security for H.R. in 2008
Human Resources (HR) Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Florida, United States
In my 17 years of H.R., I've always taken the approach of knowing, hands-on, when possible, the jobs within the organization. Who better to recruit than the person who has actually performed the function? I've had a focus on making myself approachable, respected, yet well

liked, and trusted by employees. Yes, believe it or not, an H.R. Manager can be well trusted by his/her employees! You can't isolate yourself today from your workers. You (H.R.)need to make yourself visible, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and interact with all employees not only regarding work issues but listening to them and permitting them to share personal issues with you. Walk throughout the facility, share a joke or a weekend adventure, show true interest in what individuals say to you. You'll soon realize the very heartbeat of your organization rests directly in your hands. Employees will reach out to you when you stop acting cold as ice, believing this is the personality H.R. is required to display. If you are genuine and sincere in your communications, the rewards are simply amazing. The turnover in my organization is unbelievably low. People sing, smile, dance, laugh and enjoy a family atmosphere of 120. When you get to know your "people", they want to know more about you and take part in your agenda. You truly can develop a pleasant working environment.

Posted in Job Security on 19 Sep 2008
Human Resources (HR) Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Virginia, United States
I live near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. This is a resort area. I have worked for most of the hotels and what I have learned is that they are franchised properties. The General Managers are too busy to recruit for the season and the turnover is so high. I could meet with the General Managers find out what they need, research the positions they have available, what skills are required and do the recruiting from home. I was trained by Marriott and was a Recruiter for Marriott, I know the demand and skills required. I could do the research and produce the results from home or on property. This would be my dream job.

Thank you,

Inita Francis-Smith

Posted in Dream Job on 8 May 2008
Don't procrastinate!
Human Resources (HR) Manager - (City withheld for privacy), New York, United States
The longer you take to ask for more compensation for taking on added responsibiity, the longer the perception that you are satisfied.
Posted in Negotiating Higher Pay on 16 Aug 2007
Not the only job in town.
Human Resources (HR) Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Florida, United States
I'm a 30yr old white male with a Master's Degree in HRM and about 2 years experience, I make $60,000. I am a Human Resources Manager for a small company in Fl.

According to other job offers salary surveys and friends, I do believe I am being fairly paid. Make no mistake I earn what I make.

The advice I always give to anyone complaining about pay or jobs, is to find another one. Even if you don't take it, you have something to work with.

My first year at my current job I was making apx $53,000 a year. I felt like the job I was doing was worth much more. I know from the business we are doing the company can easily afford to pay me a better salary. So I upgraded my resume on careerbuilder for $150. I had another job offer with-in a month for about $59,000.

I turned in my 2 week notice for a job I had no intention of taking. After receiving my notice my employeer came to me and offered me about a 10% raise to stay.

FYI: if you turn in a notice or talk about leaving and your boss has nothing to say but ok, you aren't doing a very good job...

I treat my job just like any other business, if it is bad or the price(salary) is not right I'll go somewhere else. They either correct it or find my replacement.

Posted in Fair Pay on 27 Jun 2007
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