Job: Marketing Manager (United States)

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stay positive
Marketing Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Georgia, United States
I try to focus on why it is a benefit for them to offer additional compensation.
Posted in Negotiating Higher Pay on 12 Oct 2006
Don't discuss salary in interview
Marketing Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Georgia, United States
The interview is not the time to discuss salary. Let the prospective employer bring the topic up. If the employer requests a desired salary amount you can state that you are open to discuss what range they have budgeted for the position once you know the requirements. It's important to let them provide the initial figure but if it comes down to them pressing you for an amount, give them a range that you'd be comfortable with given the position particulars. You can also state that you take into account the entire compensation and benefit package to determine what your budget and experience can live with.
Posted in Discussing Compensation on 14 Sep 2006
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