Job: Physical Therapist Assistant (United States)

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Physical Therapist Assistant - (City withheld for privacy), Virginia, United States
I was lucky enough to work mostly with inpatients in a not-for-profit hospital from 1985 to 2002. I got to work with PT's and Doctors who had the time and were willing to pass on wisdom. After two years as an aide I was the first non-nurse to be offered a scholarship by the hospital. At that time joint replacements stayed 10 to 14 days. The majority of them went back to independent living from the hospital. Total knees were required to have ninety degrees of flexion before they left. I had absolutely no doubt we were engineers of rehabilitation. I have been briefly employed since to pass some rehab by the patients. I am now searching for another opportunity to be the link between dependent debilitation and a return to independence.
Posted in Dream Job on 25 Sep 2008
Job Security
Physical Therapist Assistant - (City withheld for privacy), Tennessee, United States
I have found that being dependable, punctual, and using my time efficiently have helped me become an employee that my manager values. I try to work well with all my coworkers, as well as, the patients that are on my caseload. Sometimes that requires diplomacy, because all of us are human and at various times can be difficult to work with. Listening and avoiding making judgments of the situations described can help another person let off steam. Sometimes all the other person really needs is to feel that someone has heard their complaint and understands or at least cares.
Posted in Job Security on 8 Jun 2007
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