Job: Project Manager, Construction (United States)

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Mike's Sense of Job Security
Project Manager, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), California, United States
Factors keeping me competitive:

(1) - Training

(2) - Additional Education

(3) - Participate at Conferences

(4) - Update/Keep Abreast of Changes to SOP

(5) - Get opportuinities to participate in interesting projects.

Do I have a sense of job security? No

What aspects of your job, your work, your company, provides you with sense of job security.

(1) - Car benefit

(2) - Perks for tickets

(3) - Atta-boys

(4) - End of year bonus

Posted in Job Security on 9 Oct 2007
Ask for what you deserve (know your value & salary potential) and get it in writing!
Project Manager, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), Maryland, United States
Know your current value in the market based on skill level, years at service, and demand; ask for what you are worth and get everything in writing!
Posted in Negotiating Higher Pay on 2 May 2007
Be open about what you want.
Project Manager, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), Oregon, United States
Be open about what you want. Be sure you advise them that you cannot be influenced by low salary expectations, and that you want what you earned in the industry. Know the going rate and do not ask for the sky. Be reasonable.

Yes the job interview is the time to get this settled. Otherwise, you will not e satisfied when the offer comes through and you have wasted your - and their - time.

Posted in Discussing Compensation on 6 Mar 2007
Project manager construction
Project Manager, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), Pennsylvania, United States
During the interview you may find the companies type of construction is not an exact fit to your backround. I have found that most interviewers will not give the latitude to see your experence could overcome this lack of experence in their company's type of work. You will need to be a very good salesmen to sell them on this area. Make sure to ask the question about this precivied train of though and what the companys stance on this subject is, remember that you also need to ask questions that are important to you.
Posted in Interviewing Tips on 2 Feb 2007
Second degree--Spanish Teacher
Project Manager, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), Texas, United States
I have a second degree which will add to my duties in this job. I will be teaching safety to the spanish labor.
Posted in Moving/Relocation on 16 Jan 2007
Late X-Mas Bonus
Project Manager, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), Florida, United States
My X-mas Bounus is Late! My Boss has been avoiding me! I had profited at least 40% on my projects to date. Should I start seeking alternatives?
Posted in Interviewing Tips on 2 Jan 2007
Judgement Integrity
Project Manager, Construction - (City withheld for privacy), Georgia, United States
When arriving the first day, and throughout career, do not be afraid to make a judgement call. Take appropriate action when the group cannot, and or will not voice an opinon, in fear of failure and ridicule, to make on the spot choices. Be willing to accept ramifications of an individual choice made on the job. Do not make judgement calls based on fear. Make decisions to keep the project moving, even if your call fails all together, or in pieces. I would much rather have an employee make a call to maintain momentum, right or wrong. Finally, always have a pen or pencil, something to write on, and a tape measure.
Posted in Job Security on 16 Sep 2006
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