Job: Registered Nurse (RN) (United States)

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RN suffering
Registered Nurse (RN) - (City withheld for privacy), Tennessee, United States
i am from other country. i worked in a hospital for 14 months. let me tell you the truth. we had some pca's who are hard working, two of them does not do their job and sit on the computer looking for the next shopping sale and other stuff in the afternoon, after the supervisor leave. so i used to work hard to finish the job, including their job. i got tired of it. one pca leaves the floor to somewhere.And by the end of the day my legs start hurting and i am young. no health problems as such. these people get away with it too. they know how to talk nice and please the managers. i thought i should get paid for both pca work as well as Rn job. but to be honest you and i know that is not going to work. i finally got tired of it and went for night job so i don't have to feed patient 3 times a day which the pca should be doing. i think if all nurses think this way there won't be any nurses during the day. pca will have to do the RN jobs too.
Posted in Dream Job on 31 Oct 2006
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