Job: Registered Nurse (RN) (United States)

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Fair Pay
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Registered Nurse (RN) - (City withheld for privacy), Florida, United States
I have been in nursing for 16yrs and my daughter

has been in for 3yrs. She went right through college and graduated with BSN, no experience and I went from CNA, LPN to RN, paying my own way one class at a time gathering experience on the job, as well as time in class. However, she obtained a

job in a highly skilled, critical care area with no experience earning what my base salary was at same hospital. Where as my base wages stayed the same. I don't want put my daughter in a bad light, however youth and a degree are paid well, yet she is not satisfied and is looking always for a position paying more. She has watched me struggle with patient load, called in to work during times of hurricanes and disasters working to extremes and no bonus, thanks or whatever....

In Florida there is no union to represent the worker (nurses), no real benefits to say, we pay for everything we get, so to say they allow us to purchase our healthcare plan, insurance etc. as for tuition repayment, you must sign a contract to work exclusivly for the employer for less than acceptable wages paid elsewhere for however many years they think is neccessary. I believe that with my experience I should be making 35.00 hr with paid benefits as I find most of my shifts are

difficult due to the new inexperienced nurses not sure of what to do next syndrome. I lead most of the shift, iv starts and proper drugs, most nurses know that their patients are having problems, its making interventions that are crucial to patients positive outcomes that is important, these new nurses are nieve of how bad

and how fast a bad outcome will occur if they sit and ignore their patients. I love to care for patients and I always will, that is why I chose this career, however I never thought I would be battling and struggling my employer for a decent wage. A safe patient load, and a healthier environment to work in. Its a battle everyday, we as nurses should unite and have a national union to represent us so that patients are guaranteed safe care. How many patients could you handle safely? After all, this patients life is in your hands for 12 hours, not so bad when one starts going bad, how about 4-5? Charge nurse is off the floor having a smoke, doctor isn't returning your call, house supervisor is in a code...not an easy 12hrs, how much do you think your worth at this point?

Posted in Fair Pay on 6 Jun 2009
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