Job: Registered Nurse (RN) (United States)

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Job Security
The Direction of Health Care
Registered Nurse (RN) - (City withheld for privacy), Mississippi, United States
As most of us know Health Care is about numbers and money. Loyalty doesn't have a place in the corporate world. Nurses work from the heart. If we didn't we wouldn't be good at our jobs. Regardless of education, length of employment, loyalty and ethics, nurses are still considered a liability on the "balance sheets". We cost companies money. Where do companies cut costs? Reduce employees. This is a never ending cycle. One that cost our patients the care they deserve. Heavier patient loads, more paperwork, more chances for lawsuits,.....not encouraging. Hopefully, someday things will turn around. In the meantime, chart everything you do. If you don't, it is not done in the court of law. Do your best to give great patient care. Continue to LEARN everything you can! We will prevail!
Posted in Job Security on 31 Jan 2009
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