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It is interesting to compare salary/pay rates for popular professions and play with a salary pay calculator. However, it is important to remember many factors affect salary, pay rates and compensation. PayScale's salary survey takes multiple key variables into consideration when calculating salary/pay rates--your level of experience, location, type of organization, special skills, size of organization and more. This allows us to provide you with salary information that is highly personalized and relevant. Looking at average salaries by profession is fun, but remember to get specific and get salary data that applies to you.

Salary Pay Scales for Popular Professions

Nurse Salary Pay Rates:
1. Nurse Practitioner - $34.50/hr
2. Registered Nurse OR - $26.61/hr
3. Registered Nurse RN - $24.64/hr
4. Licensed Practical Nurse LPN - $16.70/hr
5. Certified Nurse Assistant CNA - $10.10

Education Salary Pay Rates:
1. Post Secondary Professor - $72,601
2. Associate Prof. Post Secondary - $64,534
3. High School Teacher - $42,350
4. Secondary School Teacher - $$40,334
5. Elementary School Teacher - $39,325

IT Salary Pay Rates:
1. IT Director - $91,652
2. IT Consultant - $66,119
3. Database Administrator - $68,341
4. Systems Engineer - $62,264
5. Programmer Analyst - $56,785
Legal Salary Pay Rates:
1. General Counsel - $134,871
2. Corporate Counsel - $113,891
3. Corporate Attorney- $109,395
4. Associate Attorney - $69,933
5. Entry Level Attorney - $54,947


Ask Dr. Salary Pay Rate Articles:
Do women and men earn equal pay? Dr. Salary blogged some about this salary/pay rate issue last year, but the gender gap in wage earnings was in the spotlight again when (and other media) reported that five restaurant owners in Oregon plan to drop their prices for female customers by 23 cents. The restaurants want to raise awareness about women earning 23 percent less than men in the workplace. Read more about salary/pay rates for men versus women. It may surprise readers to learn that the average salary for teachers in Texas public schools is significantly less than the average pay for high school coaches, according to an article in the Austin-Statesman. The paper reported that Texas high school football coaches in Class 5A and 4A schools (that's 950 students or more) earn an average salary of $73,804, while the average salary for teachers in those same schools is about $42,400 (as mentioned on Read more about Teacher Salary: Pay for High School Coaches.

World at Work (the compensation professional organization) released recently a compensation budget survey by Compdata Surveys. The big news: the average preliminary pay increase budget is 3.65% for 2007! Broad averages like this drive me berserk. It is incredibly precise, but downplays the huge variations that affect individual companies and employees. There is nothing wrong with this average per se. The problem is how it is used. Read more about Salary/Pay Increases.

PayScale Fair Salary/Pay Advice
What is fair?
Substance Abuse Counselor - (City withheld for privacy), New York, United States.

Posted in Fair Pay on 9/24/2007.
I currently work for a non profit Outpatient Treatment program in NYC. My base salary barely covers my monthly expenses. My employer was rewarded with a contract,(largely due to the caliber of work consistently produced by the staff), that allows the company to increase the number of consumers we serve, and the amount of money that is recieved to perform the task.

Depends on the boss.

Painter, Industrial - (City withheld for privacy), Louisiana, United States

Posted in Fair Payon 7/26/2007.
When I started working for this company it was a dream job. The owner was good about moral boosting. Picnics, golf tounaments, cookouts at work, People respected and worked a good days job. We got raises based on performance and mine was always top notch. I came up the payscale fast and then it happened.

Not the only job in town.

Human Resources (HR) Manager - (City withheld for privacy), Florida, United States.

Posted in Fair Pay on 6/27/2006.
I'm a 30yr old white male with a Master's Degree in HRM and about 2 years experience, I make $60,000. I am a Human Resources Manager for a small company in Fl. According to other job offers salary surveys and friends, I do believe I am being fairly paid. Make no mistake I earn what I make.

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