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Getting to know Phil Coomes

Phil Coomes is currently a Technical Accounting Manager at PayScale. He also served for 5 years as a US Marine. Thank you for your service Phil!

What is Embassy Security Duty?

“It’s basically the Marine internal security force & first line of defense at our U.S. Embassies overseas. I served in places like Qatar, Syria and the Bahamas – responsible for protecting the classified information, diplomats, and the embassy itself. I did that for a few years, plus drove & fixed Humvee’s and 7-ton trucks in Japan. It was amazing duty 😊

How did you end up at PayScale?

“After the Marines, I went to university on my GI Bill and I had no idea what I wanted to do! Eventually I found I had a knack for numbers, and bounced between different jobs and found my calling in accounting and finance. About the time I was graduating from my MBA program at UW, I saw a LinkedIn post that PayScale had just celebrated its 2nd annual independence week – and on top of that was rated the Best Place to Work in Seattle that year, so obviously it looked like a great company to join. Plus the product & culture was something I really knew I could stand behind and wanted to be a part of. So I checked the job openings that same day, and It was complete serendipity to see the opening for my current job. The rest is history 😉

What do you do as a Technical Accounting Manager at PayScale?

“Essentially, I manage most of the regulatory & compliance issues the company faces. Stuff that puts most people to sleep: tax, audit, accounting & revenue policies, controls, banking, business licensing… but most importantly supporting the accounting team in any way I can. I think of it as things folks don’t always think about. I also help put together PayScale’s financial statements and make sure PayScale’s leadership, investors, and creditors receive all of our financial results and disclosures. Again, snooze-worthy to some folks! but best part is that I’m always working with different departments, never siloed in accounting, and take to heart making relationships with other people and teams.”

Fun Fact?

“I speak Arabic! I learned it first in the Marines and then took 2 years of it in college. I also dabble in Hebrew & French.”

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