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Getting to know Savannah McAlpin

Interview with Savannah McAlpin, Senior Product Marketing Manager at PayScale!

Interview with Savannah McAlpin, Senior Product Marketing Manager at PayScale!

You've been at PayScale for 3 years! What keeps you here?

“I am a people person. What keeps me at PayScale are the people; my amazing colleagues and the impact PayScale can make in peoples/employees lives. I love the collaborative nature of PayScale and the problems that we are seeking to solve. Everyone should understand their worth, what they are paid and why. Also, building relationships is so important to me and I love working at a place where that is easy and fun to do! I believe that is, in part, why I've been successful at PayScale. In Product Marketing you are working across the whole company and having those strong relationships in place is critical.

What are currently you working on?

“Right now I’m working on developing PayScale's Competitive Intelligence program. It has been a really challenging, fun project and I have loved it! I am defining PayScale’s competitive strategy and working with our customer facing teams on tone, talk tracks and new tools to drive results. It's been really energizing to build something from the ground up and rolling it out to our teams. I'm looking forward to see how it is making an impact on our business. I’m also working on buyer personas to help our team better understand who they are selling to and what content will resonate depending on where they are in the journey. And of course, I am always thinking about and planning #Compference20!

What has been the most challenging?

“It’s been a bit challenging going through a new stage of the company as we are experiencing a lot of change, which is natural; I am looking at this as an exciting opportunity for growth. PayScale has become a family and seeing your friends leave after many years for new exciting opportunities is sad but also for a company to continue down a path of growth you need change. I'm so excited to see all this incredible talent come in and the different experiences they bring. With many new employees and leaders, I see this as an exciting opportunity to bring in a fresh perspective, new energy and more experts to learn from. It’s re-energizing and there is so much more that PayScale can do.”

Most impactful person or event to date at PayScale?

“I’ve gotta say #Compference! After some transition on the marketing leadership team, I stepped in to own and plan Compference19! It was a new challenge and I jumped right in to execute on the strategy and took over ownership of the budget. We had an incredibly successful #Compference19 in Minneapolis with over 600 customers. Since then, I've been working on the vision and strategy for #Compference20 which will be in Seattle this October! It’s been so much fun to work with our new CEO Scott on the vision for the event and the impact that it can have on our customers and the market.”

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

“I LOVE to travel, experience new places and discover pockets of the world! I especially love nature travel and am planning to hike the W in Patagonia next spring! Traveling is my passion and my favorite thing to do. I love working for a company that supports that with flexible PTO. I appreciate working at a place where as long as I'm getting my job done and completing my goals that I'm able to travel. That’s so important to me!”

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