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Getting to know Bradley Sabin

Bradley has been with PayScale since March 2020.

What attracted you to join PayScale?

I have used PayScale in the past to determine my market value and request a raise. I love that PayScale gives power to employees to fight for fair pay. I also like that PayScale has a team dedicated to compensation research that continually exposes opportunities for reducing wage gaps. In addition to my interest in PayScale as a company, I was excited by the state of PayScale’s data and potential for impactful internal reporting.

What does your role as a Business Intelligence Analyst entail?

I like to think of my role as a translator between raw data and actionable insights. I expose trends, changes, and KPIs using SQL and Tableau for business leaders to see the state of the company. The type of data I work with is always changing because I get to work with all different teams across the company including finance, product, engineering, client success, etc. In addition to internal reports, I’ve got the exciting opportunity to produce external-facing data visualizations for the research team, including this recent article about changes in employee sentiment and wage growth amid COVID:

What do you think is the biggest impact of your work?

Most of the time, stakeholders have been pulling metrics in a very manual and time-consuming way. The Tableau dashboards I build allow them to have easy access to their metrics and expose new breakouts of the data or trends that give them new information to help inform their business decisions. One of my favorite things about Tableau is that the reports are refreshed daily, so you can always get an up-to-date look at your metrics without having to do any extra work.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced since starting here in March?

My biggest challenge has also been one of the greatest sources of excitement with my job. I have been hosting weekly Tableau User Group meetings for fellow PayScalers which consists of leading the meetings and coming up with content. I run demos, teaching tips and tricks, share what is currently on the server, and answer any questions people may have about the software. It is rewarding because I get other people excited about using Tableau and so far, it has been a great success!


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