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Getting To Know Joe Davies

Joe Davies, Lead Sr. Software Engineer, had only spent a total of three days in PayScale’s Seattle office before quarantine began and everyone transitioned to working from home. Despite starting at a new company amid a pandemic, Joe was able to embrace remote work and find joy in the process.

Joe noted that forming initial interactions was crucial to developing a sense of PayScale’s culture and made the transition to working from home easier. He stated that “those initial few days in the office were extremely valuable. I was able to meet my teammates and form some in-person connections over lunch and coffee.”

The transition from working in an office to remote work was seamless for Joe as PayScale was already well equipped for remote work with so many employees already based out of their home. Joe said that “There have been very few disruptions in day-to-day work, and I believe that is due to the team following a strong agile mindset and by having the tools needed to effectively communicate among the team and my peers and from our leaders.”

Along with being hard-working, the team knows how to bring some fun into remote work, too! Joe’s team has gotten creative in their approach to staying engaged by playing virtual Bingo during happy hour (with PayScale’s mascot Esteban the purple squirrel as the free space, of course). He adds “it is important for us to relax and unwind together, in spite of being physically distant.”

Joe takes great pride in working with such wonderful, caring people who strive for excellence. “I want to welcome new members of the PayScale family, as we continue to work from home, with the same warm embrace that I received when I was welcomed in-person.” Joe sees this time as an opportunity for teams to find humanity in the digital world and find new ways to feel close while far apart.

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