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Innovative Technology Companies Rely on PayScale to Attract and Retain Talent

Impressive list of more than 400 technology companies that depend on highly skilled professionals use PayScale’s real-time market data and cloud software to get pay right


Seattle, WA—March 31, 2014— Today, PayScale, Inc. – the leader in cloud compensation data and software for businesses and individuals – announced 30 technology companies have subscribed to its cloud compensation service in last three months. New PayScale customers in the high tech industry include internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy, customer service software provider Zendesk, and e-discovery and information management vendor Recommind. These companies join PayScale’s roster of existing technology customers that includes HTC, Clarabridge, Mozilla, and Strongview. More than 400 technology companies of all sizes use PayScale’s salary data and market insights to attract and retain the right people in today’s hot talent market.

 “Waiting for an annual market survey, or significantly increasing our survey participation, wasn’t an option for us, so we chose PayScale’s real-time compensation management solution,” said Jack Connell, Vice President of Total Rewards at GoDaddy. “As a result, we are able to fill open positions more quickly, develop and implement our first pay structure, and maximize our employee retention.”

Increasingly, technology companies find themselves competing for talent across many other industries as IT continues to proliferate throughout our economy. In addition, compensation levels alter drastically because the demand for specific skills is in constant flux as new programming languages, applications, and frameworks come to market, replacing previous hot trends. PayScale’s recent 2014 Compensation Best Practices Report found many technology companies consider retention a primary concern in 2014, particularly in geographies that are considered tech hot spots. All these factors demonstrate how effective compensation management providing better, real-time data is becoming more important for high tech companies of all sizes.

“Technology companies inherently recognize the value of innovation for addressing business problems, so it makes sense that so many of these companies select PayScale to improve their compensation management,” said PayScale’s President and CEO, Mike Metzger. “High tech is a particularly volatile market and these customers trust our service to help them attract and retain the qualified software engineers, developers, data scientists, and other professionals who can ultimately drive their success in a competitive economy.”

PayScale has more than 3,000 subscription customers across all industries, impacting salary decisions for more than two million employees worldwide. For more information about PayScale’s solutions for businesses of all sizes, please visit

About PayScale:

Creator of the largest database of individual compensation profiles in the world containing more than 40 million salary profiles, PayScale, Inc. provides an immediate and precise snapshot of current market salaries through its online tools and software. PayScale’s products are powered by innovative algorithms that dynamically acquire, analyze and aggregate compensation information for millions of individuals in real-time. Publisher of the quarterly PayScale Index™, PayScale’s subscription software products for employers include PayScale MarketRate™, PayScale Insight™, and PayScale Insight Expert™. PayScale customers include Cummins, Warby Parker, Zendesk, Clemson University and Covenant Dove. For more information, visit: or follow PayScale on Twitter:


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