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New PayScale Feature Helps Companies Reveal and Resolve Gender Pay Gaps

Now organizations can ensure they’re paying all employees fairly with a new Gender Pay Comparison tool; software designed to identify disparities and empower employers to take action

Seattle, WA – April 12, 2016 – On Equal Pay Day today, PayScale, Inc., the leader in modern compensation software, announced its new Gender Pay Comparison feature, designed to help organizations easily spot inequalities in pay between men and women. PayScale’s new feature is designed specifically to address disparity in pay between genders, increasing companies’ confidence that they are paying all employees fairly and improving retention. In addition, the new feature dramatically reduces the time required to conduct a comprehensive gender analysis from weeks or months to just minutes, allowing employers to quickly identify and address problems with pay equity.

“Companies across every industry tell us they want to pay all their employees fairly. However, many don’t know how to determine whether a problem exists or they lack the time and resources required to conduct a manual review of their jobs, skills and salaries. As a result, these companies are left crossing their fingers and hoping they’re practicing equal pay for equal work,” said Dave Smith, Chief Product Officer at PayScale. “Our goal was to simplify this process by offering a comprehensive, but easy-to-use solution that would provide immediate insights into the way a company pays men and women. With this new feature, employers can fix inequity problems today and also prevent them from happening in the future.”

The California Fair Pay Act and other pending legislation mandates that companies must pay men and women fairly. In addition to the legal implications, gender pay inequity can result in morale and performance issues among employees who feel they are underpaid. However, a company-wide compensation analysis can be incredibly complex because employers must ensure they are making accurate comparisons when reviewing each employee’s salary.

To address these challenges, PayScale’s new Gender Pay Comparison tool provides the following capabilities:

  • a simplified process which automates and prioritizes steps in the gender comparison process such as verifying job responsibilities and equalizing for skills and talent markets by geographies
  • sophisticated algorithms to analyze compensable factors for every employee to ensure the resulting gender comparisons are both accurate and fair
  • presentation of results in a highly visual format which is easy to understand, immediately showing where an organization stands in relation to equal pay and identifying outliers
  • recommendations and specific steps employers can take for resolving any pay inequities that are revealed across an organization

PayScale believes gender equity in the workplace isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good business. “I firmly believe that companies which become transparent about gender pay issues will have a competitive advantage,” Smith added. “I’m very excited for that future.”

PayScale’s Gender Comparison feature is available immediately for no additional charge to PayScale Insight customers. For more information, please visit

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