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Does your organization take performance into account for pay? What are the challenges today with traditional merit pay? How do merit matrixes factor into performance-related pay? Join Payscale’s Chief Product Evangelist, Ruth Thomas and Director of Social Impact, Vicky Peakman on Thursday, November 17th at 9 AM PST as they discuss the...

TEST Example Event for Training

Join data and pay equity experts from the Human Rights Campaign and Payscale on Friday, June 24th at 9 AM PDT as we examine the LGBTQ+ wage gap and discuss what employers can do to close the gap and create a more equitable, inclusive workplace. Specifically, we will cover: Trends and analysis...

[Webinar] Reversing the “Here’s Your Budget” Conversation

Join Payscale’s Chief Experience Officer, Russ Wakelin, as he walks you through the key elements to consider when bringing the right data to your leadership team to have a persuasive conversation around compensation strategy and how it should inform talent and business strategy.

[Webinar] Why Your Employees Are Leaving and What You Can Do About It

Recent research conducted by Payscale confirms these sentiments showing that an employee’s perception of pay, no matter how close to reality it is, is a huge factor in their intent to leave. Join Payscale on Friday, July 23rd at 11 am PST, as we dig into recent pay perception, transparency, and engagement...

[Webinar] Comp Communication: Putting it into Practice

Compensation is such a personal part of an employee’s experience, that communicating decisions and changes regarding it can be really difficult. Join Payscale compensation professionals, Jenny Walling and Sam Noble, as they break down why comp communication is important and how to tackle it.

[Webinar] Compensation Strategy

Join us on June 23rd at 11:00 AM Pacific for a webinar on Compensation Strategy! Higher pay, fair pay, equitable pay, and pay transparency are increasingly expected by talent. In a volatile market where salary information can be found with a search engine, traditional models for compensation management aren’t satisfying employees or...

[Webinar] Fundamentals of Compensation

Join the PayScale Compensation Professionals team on June 9th at 10:00 Pacific, for a webinar on the Fundamentals of Compensation. Whether you are brand new to compensation or looking to brush up on the building blocks, this session is for you!

[Webinar] Pay Structures Strategies: Why and How to Build Pay Structures

Join PayScale compensation professionals, Jenny Walling and Sam Noble on May 28th at 11 AM PST to discuss all things pay structures and enjoy lunch on us!

[Webinar] Pay Equity Analysis: Why, Who, How, and When

Join Payscale’s Becky Wood, Director of Applied Analytics Services, and Tammi Lynd, Account Executive, in a discussion about the why, who, how, and when of conducting a pay equity analysis. Learn what pay equity looks like in 2021 and the tools you need to analyze the pay equity position at your organization.

[Webinar] The Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on Pay Equity

The focus of this panel is to discuss how a hike in the federal minimum wage will impact employees, employers, and labor markets, with special attention to compensation and pay equity and what steps organizations should be taking to prepare and remain competitive.

[Webinar] Remote Work: Finding Answers for a New Workforce Paradigm

If your organization is still trying to figure out what to make of this remote work thing, you’re not alone. Join PayScale’s Stacey Whitaker, Talent Acquisitions Manager; Anne Gravrock, Managing Partner at NOBLE Recruiting; and Karen Kenny, International Operations Manager – Talent Management at CrossCountry Consulting.

[Webinar] Coffee Chat: 2021 Compensation Best Practices Follow Up

PayScale’s HR team is back for round 2! Amy Stewart, author of the 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report, will be asking our returning hosts your already submitted questions – round robin style.