PayScale Rolls Out Its Newest Team Benefit “Independence Week,” a Week to Recharge for the PayScale Team
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PayScale Rolls Out Its Newest Team Benefit “Independence Week,” a Week to Recharge for the PayScale Team

Well-rested employees serve customers better.

Seattle, WA – June 12, 2018– Today PayScale, Inc., the leader in cloud compensation solutions for businesses and individuals, announced that it will invest in rest during the week of Independence Day to the benefit and betterment of its almost 450 employees.  The company, across all its locations, will close for the week with the goal of enabling restorative rest.

Like many employers in 2018, PayScale’s executive team thinks about how it can continue to make the company a magnet for top engineering, marketing, sales and support talent. Influenced and inspired by the book, Rest, by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, they decided to have employees fully unplug from work during the entire Fourth of July week. ‘We believe it will pay off significantly in better employee engagement, long-term retention, renewed creativity and even better customer focus’ said Stacey Klimek, VP of People at PayScale.

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to help employees live full and balanced lives,” said PayScale CEO Mike Metzger.  “We believe that time away from work makes for more creative and innovative conversations when we return, but in this day and age, fully unplugging can be a challenge. This collective week off felt like a natural next step for us in ensuring that employees have an opportunity to fully disconnect from work and reconnect with family, friends and the activities that help them recharge.”

PayScale, a company that already provides unlimited paid time off, has had to plan carefully for this extra benefit of a holiday week vs. just a mid-week Fourth of July holiday.  

“We believe the outcome is worth the investment,” commented PayScale VP of People Stacey Klimek. “We also hope we’re presenting an example for other employers looking to invest in their employees in a unique way.”

PayScale employees are sharing their personal plans for unplugging—paddling in Croatia, climbing in Nepal, camping in a remote Northwest forest—at #PSIndependenceWeek2018.

“We can’t wait to hear the stories our employees will share,” continued Metzger. “And, from a purely business perspective, we are confident we stand to gain an even stronger second half of 2018 based on this important investment in rest and recovery.  We view our Independence Week as the start of a pretty amazing virtuous cycle.”

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