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Amy Stewart is the author of Payscale’s data-driven research reports with over 15 years of experience in content marketing and communications.

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Parenthood and Job Loyalty Are Hindering Pay Gap Progress — Payscale’s 2024 Gender Pay Gap Report Shows

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, released its 2024 Gender Pay Gap Report (GPGR), revealing that the overall gender pay gap remains unchanged despite the strides made in pay transparency legislation this year.
Research Reports

2024 Gender Pay Gap Report (GPGR)

Payscale’s 2024 gender pay gap report reveals how much women are paid compared to men, both overall and controlled for job, and analysis by parent status, job-seeking status, remote work status, and more.

Payscale’s 2023 End-of-Year Report explains the job market and the hottest jobs requiring pay adjustments in 2024

In 2023, the job market has reversed from the hiring bonanza of two years ago, at least for corporate positions, but we’re not precisely in an economic downturn. How does this shift impact talent strategy, compensation management, and employer branding going into 2024?
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Payscale Data Reveals Top In-Demand Jobs and Most-Quit Roles in 2023’s Maddening Labor Market

Payscale's 2023 End-of-Year Report examines the state of the labor market heading into 2024 and ranks the jobs with the highest wage growth over the past year as well as the positions with the highest quit rates.
Research Reports

2023 End-of-Year Report

Payscale’s 2023 End of Year Jobs Report looks at the top in-demand jobs by wage growth as well as which jobs employees are seeking to quit the most based on Payscale’s employee-reported online salary survey data.

This year’s top 10 highest-paying college majors include some you may have never heard of


Payscale’s 2024 Compensation Best Practices Survey is Open for Participation!

Payscale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Repot (CBPR) is the largest research report dedicated to compensation management best practices and trends. The 2024 survey is now open for participation.
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Payscale Announces Compference23 Keynote Speakers, Including Sophia Bush and Stacey A. Gordon

This year, the conference includes an in-person intimate and exclusive experience in Los Angeles on Oct. 15-16, the Let’s Talk Fair Pay Summit, in collaboration with Angel City Football Club (ACFC), followed by the main virtual event from Oct. 24-26, that’s free to register. 
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Let Employees Work Where They Want — New Payscale Research Advises Workplace Autonomy is Most Effective in Retaining Talent

Payscale released the results of its 2023 Remote Work Report, providing an updated analysis of work-from-home and return-to-office polices and expectations.
Research Reports

2023 State of Remote Work Report

New research from Payscale combines analysis of our online salary survey with responses from employers on remote work, return-to-office mandates, and pay strategies for distributed workforces.
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Payscale’s 2023 College Salary Report Reveals Top U.S. Colleges and Highest-Paying Majors

Payscale revealed its 2023 College Salary Report. The report highlights the top schools and degrees with the highest earning potential just in time for students making important decisions about the upcoming academic year.
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U.S. Employers Budget for 3.8% Pay Increases in 2024, Payscale Salary Budget Survey Finds

Today, Payscale launched its eighth annual Salary Budget Survey (SBS), revealing that pay increases in 2024 are predicted to be 3.8% on average in the United States, with higher increases seen in some states, industries, and other countries.
Research Reports

Salary Budget Survey (2023-2024)

The Salary Budget Survey (SBS) from Payscale provides insights on what organizations are planning for base pay increases in 2024 in the United States, Canada, and select international locations as well as what pay increases actually were in 2023.
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New study demonstrates 235% ROI from Payscale compensation management solutions

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, revealed the results of a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study commissioned from Forrester Consulting on Payscale’s compensation management software and solutions. The study concludes that utilizing Payscale delivers 235% return on investment through a combination of quantifiable cost savings and efficiency...

Payscale’s Remote Work and Return-to-Office Pulse Survey Now Open for Participation

Payscale's remote work and return to office survey (10 minutes) is open for participation through mid-August. Participants will receive notification on the publication of the report in September.
Research Reports

Minimum Wage Report

In 2023, the federal minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25 an hour. Most states have higher minimum wages; however, in 20 states, employers can still pay $7.25. Most employers are in favor of raising the minimum wage, but it does come with challenges for managing pay increases and managing pay compression....

Pay transparency increases retention by 30 percent or more, according to new research

Recently released research from Payscale finds that pay transparency is correlated with decreased likelihood that employees will seek a new job. These results should be a relief to organizations grappling with the potential consequences of pay transparency. However, there are some caveats.
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New Payscale Research Reveals Top Drivers Behind Employee Turnover and the Impact of Pay Transparency

Today, Payscale released the results of its Retention Report, a first-of-its-kind look at the top reasons employees consider quitting their jobs. The research found that pay transparency increases retention but other variables such as a company’s future outlook, fair pay perception, workplace culture, and manager relationships have a greater impact.
Research Reports

Retention Report

Payscale shows how job sentiment characteristics such as bright future, fair pay, company culture, manager relationship, and pay transparency correlate with intent to leave a job.

Market update: Take Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey (SBS) to learn what you should be planning for pay increases

Interested in how HR leaders and compensation professionals are budgeting for 2024 pay increases? Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey (SBS) is open for participation now through the end of June.

The top insights from Payscale’s 2023 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR)

Every part of this year’s Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) is fascinating, but to get you excited about digging into it, we have included some of the top findings here for you to digest.  Here are some of the big themes for 2023.
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Payscale Appoints Nolan Farris as President and Chief Operating Officer

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software, and services, announces the appointment of Nolan Farris as President and Chief Operating Officer. Farris, the former Chief Revenue Officer of Indeed, is tasked with bringing a new level of coordination and effectiveness to the company’s go-to-market and customer-facing functions.
Research Reports

Europe Edition: Compensation Best Practices Report 2023

Payscale’s Europe Edition of the 2023 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) supports employers in Europe and the UK with compensation management. The report distills data and insights from European-based participants in the largest known survey on compensation management to help employers rebalance pay strategies and prepare for pay transparency. 

The gender pay gap is real and meaningful, and it’s starting to close in 2023 — but there is still work to be done

Not everyone understands gender pay gap research, why it is meaningful, or what should be done about it. Every year, we get questions about gender pay gap research, such as whether the gender pay gap is real or made up to suit a political purpose. So, let's talk about it.
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Women Stand to Lose $900,000 in Lifetime Earnings — Payscale’s Gender Pay Gap Report Shows

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, revealed the results of its 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report (GPGR), in observance of Equal Pay Day. This year’s report found that the gender pay gap is still impacting women nationwide but is beginning to close in some areas.  
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Employers Are Rebalancing Pay Strategies in a Precarious Economy — Payscale’s 2023 Compensation Best Practices Report Shows

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, released the results of its flagship survey, the 2023 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR), shedding light on the ongoing power struggle between employees and employers.
Research Reports

2023 Compensation Best Practices Report

Payscale’s 14th annual Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) distills data and insights from the largest known survey on compensation management best practices.

Inflation, recession, layoffs… pay compression, pay equity, pay transparency – oh my! What’s in store for comp managers in 2023

Going into 2023, many organizations are worried about the economy as news of a coming recession has dominated the news and layoffs have been all over social media feeds, especially LinkedIn. But the concern of a recession has caveats, especially where the labor market is concerned — and that has implications for...

The CEO’s guide to compensation best practices and investment for 2023 in a shifting economy

Learn why compensation management should be among the top concerns for CEOs heading into 2023 and why pay transparency can rapidly improve your employer brand to attract and retain top talent in an uncertain economic climate.
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Payscale Data Reveals Which Jobs Will Survive a Potential Recession in 2023

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, released its 2022 End of Year Hot Jobs Report. The report ranks the jobs that will be least impacted by a recession, as well as the roles employees are most likely to quit — or “quiet quit” — based on...
Research Reports

2022 End-of-Year Hot Jobs Report

Payscale’s 2022 End of Year Hot Jobs Report looks at the most “recession-proof jobs" in 2022 by wage growth as well as which jobs employees are “most likely to quit” based on Payscale’s employee-reported online salary survey data.
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Payscale Acquires Agora, Strengthening Unrivaled Portfolio of Compensation Data, Software and Services

Agora’s dynamic offers and total rewards capabilities underscore Payscale’s mission to make sustainable fair pay a reality SEATTLE, November 15, 2022 — Today, Payscale, Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, has acquired Agora Solutions Inc. (Agora), an innovative provider of dynamic, interactive offer communications, total rewards, employee pay portals and other modern...
Research Reports

Salary Budget Survey (2022-2023)

A mid-year research report providing insights on actual and anticipated pay increases planned for the coming year by employee type, industry, company size, and location for budget planning purposes.
Research Reports

Essential Workers Report

How has essential worker pay changed over the last two years? What is sentiment among people who occupy these jobs? This report takes a look at wage growth for select essential worker positions that show interesting trends during the pandemic.
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Payscale enables employers to pay employees fairly with the launch of its new Payfactors platform

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, announced it is further empowering employers to pay employees fairly with the launch of its new Payfactors platform.

Payscale Debuts New Payfactors Platform

Payscale launches new Payfactors platform, driving faster access to market data with tools to improve fair pay practices in scalable technology to make compensation accessible to companies of all sizes.

Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey: Open for participation

Now open for participation, Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey is an annual survey that helps compensation practitioners understand how companies are budgeting for compensation increases in the current year (2022) and upcoming year (2023).

The gender pay gap is real and employers have the power to do something about it

The gender pay gap is real. Of course, it is. Multiple independent organizations and institutions report on the gender pay gap using different data sets and methodologies. And they all come to the same conclusion: women earn less than men.
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The Gender Pay Gap is real and may widen when women return to work, Payscale’s research explains

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data and software, released the results of its annual survey, the 2022 State of the Gender Pay Gap Report (GPGR), in recognition of Equal Pay Day.

According to CBPR, 2022 Pay Increases Likely Won’t Be Enough to Stem Turnover

Payscale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Report is now available for download and the insights are informative and important, especially given the challenges of the current labor market and the urgency with which organizations are approaching 2022 pay increases.
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Organizations Are Planning to Give the Highest Pay Increases in Years, but They Won’t Match Inflation — Payscale’s Compensation Best Practices Report Shows

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data and software, released the results of its annual survey, the 2022 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR), revealing the trends driving major changes in compensation and total rewards.

Pay increases: Top concern to attract and retain talent

Do you know what your employees really want for the holidays? Pay increases that reflect changes in the job market and economy. As the end of the year approaches, compensation planning for pay increases is always top of mind for employers — but especially this year. Wages are looking to go up in 2022,...
Research Reports

End of Year Report: The Hottest Jobs of 2021

Payscale analyzes which positions job seekers were most eager to research salaries for in the 2021 calendar year.
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Payscale Data Reveals the Hottest Jobs in a Turbulent Job Market

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data and software, released its annual End of Year Hot Jobs Report. The top ten hottest jobs, defined as those which have seen the highest growth based on more than 850,000 job seekers researching salaries on
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Payscale Announces Leadership Transition Amid Year of Strong Growth

Payscale, Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, announced today that Scott Torrey has decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer and that Alex Hart will succeed Mr. Torrey as Payscale’s Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Torrey will continue to support the business in an advisory capacity...

Payscale’s 2022 Compensation Best Practices Survey is now open for participation

The largest survey dedication to compensation best practices (CBPR) is now open for participation through the end of December. This survey is appropriate for anyone who manages compensation...

An easy fix for the Great Resignation? Pay transparency

How both the company and employee benefit from higher pay (Drucker Institute)

Pay equity audits and transparency foster trust, SHRM research shows

Angel City FC to give players one-per-cent share of ticketing revenue

Angel City name Payscale as founding partner

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Angel City Football Club Partners with Payscale to Help Level the Playing Field and Work Toward a More Equitable Future in the Workplace

Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, will announce today at the company’s annual Compference event that they are the latest founding partner of Angel City Football Club (ACFC).

Payscale joins Angel City’s founding partners ahead of NWSL debut

As minimum wages rise, prepare for pay compression issues

Should remote work pay be based on location?

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Payscale Strengthens Commitment to Pay Equity Through Growing Ecosystem; Adds Aon to Network

Today, Payscale, Inc., the leading provider of compensation data, software and services, announced that leaders from Aon, Deloitte, and SullivanCotter will participate in Payscale’s annual Compference event (October 19-21, 2021) highlighting their commitment to helping employers close the wage gap and joining Payscale’s growing ecosystem.

How to create a compensation strategy for remote work

Payscale recently released research on the State of Remote Work in 2021 finds that 81 percent of organizations don’t have a compensation strategy for remote work. That’s concerning. Remote work has upended traditional workplace dynamics and employees have been vocal that they don’t want to return to business as usual when the...

Pay Transparency: To Share or Not to Share?

Google’s plan to cut pay for remote workers who relocate is a bad idea

New brew just dropped

Payscale: Most employers lack a pay strategy for remote workers

Report: More than half of workers believe they’re underpaid. Here’s why

Why companies don’t post salaries in job adverts

Select a Pay Strategy for Remote Workers

Survey finds many employees expect work-from-home options after pandemic

Should remote employees earn less? Most employers say no

2022 Salary Increases Look to Trail Inflation

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Payscale survey shows 81% of employers do not have compensation strategy for remote workers post-pandemic

Today, Payscale Inc., the leading provider of compensation data and software, released its Remote Work Report highlighting how remote work is impacting employee expectations, job seeking behavior, future work environments, and pay strategies.

Utilizing Appropriate Counteroffers Amid a Hot Labor Market

‎Making Compensation Pay Off: a Conversation with PayScale’s CEO

New pay equity laws require proof of fair pay

Payscale redoubles its commitment to pay equity with the acquisition of CURO

Payscale acquires Scotland-based salary software firm

Payscale acquires CURO, another compensation data provider

Why Don’t Companies Put Salary Ranges In Job Posts?

Employees think they’re underpaid — how to fix it before they quit

Got a job offer? Here’s how to decide if you should — or shouldn’t — accept a counteroffer

Fair Pay Perception and Transparency Have Strong Correlation With Employee Churn: Payscale Study


People believe they’re underpaid: Our Fair Pay Report stats

Payscale’s newly released Fair Pay Impact Report shows that people believe they are underpaid even when they are paid at or above market. In addition, people who believe they are underpaid are 50 percent more likely to seek new opportunities. Fortunately, pay transparency is shown to reduce job seeking behavior. This research...

Your employees think they’re underpaid

Racial, ethnic pay gap could take more than 25 years to close, Visier report says

Scott Torrey on Wharton Business Daily

How to write a request for a pay hike


Why a Federal Minimum Wage Increase to 15 Dollars an Hour Makes Sense in 2021

Raising the federal minimum wage is a controversial topic. Economists have been arguing about the efficacy and impact of the minimum wage since it was first introduced in the United States in 1938. The controversy typically revolves around whether or not a federal minimum wage increase is good or bad for the...

Gender pay gap and pay equity: Everything you need to know

This post on “The Gender Pay Gap is Real” also appears as an article on LinkedIn by the same author. It is cross-posted to the Payscale blog. The opinions in this post belong to the author. If you didn’t know, Wednesday, March 24, 2021 was Equal Pay Day. Following a proclamation from the...

Trends to Watch: An Early Look at CEO Pay and the Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Compensation

Interview with Shelly Holt: Women Still Earn Less Than Men

Progress on gender equality has taken a step backward — how can we fix it?

Roundup: PeopleFluent Adds Visier Analytics; JazzHR Links With Gusto

Sallie Krawcheck: ‘Not too big a surprise’ that financial products are built for men

Equal Pay Day: Where we’re at and working to close the gap

Equal Pay Day highlights a $1 million salary shortfall for some women amid Covid

Pandemic Could Widen Gender Pay Gap

Equal Pay Day Gender Gap Statistics on AM Extra

How Can You Tell If a Salary Offer Is a Good One?

Seattle compensation data firm PayScale merges with competitor Payfactors

PayScale and Payfactors mix into 600-person firm, eyeing huge marketplace for compensation information

Payscale Merges With Payfactors

PayScale and Payfactors combine into 600-person company, eyeing big market for compensation data

PayScale, Payfactors Merge to Form Compensation Data Force

Recruiting industry news round up from February 2021

Pay Freezes Were Common in 2020; Employers Stay Cautious with 2021 Budgets

Shelly Holt on Wharton Business Daily

Compensation Strategy 2021: Salary Woes Likely to Continue, Reveals PayScale’s Survey


PayScale Releases 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report

PayScale is thrilled to announce the launch of our 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR), the largest survey in North America to focus specifically on compensation and total rewards. PayScale has been releasing CBPR every year for 12 years now, but 2020 was unique in many ways, highlighting not only the socio-economic...
Research Reports

Compensation Best Practices Report

Learn how COVID-19 impacted organizations' compensation practices in 2020 and what HR leaders are doing in 2021 around compensation strategy, pay equity, and pay communications.

How to Negotiate and Counter a Job Offer

Radio interview with Shelly Holt: Work expenses look a lot different when you’re not going into the office

Why we adjusted salaries for all traditionally female-dominated roles at our company

How to Do Pay Transparency Right

Pay transparency can address gender wage gap better than alternatives, study finds

Top 5 Fastest-growing Jobs in 2020

The 20 fastest-growing jobs in 2020—and how much they pay

People have become really effective at being remote and not everybody wants to go back to 100% in the office: PayScale CEO

Health screeners, personal shoppers top Payscale’s 2020 job growth list

These Are The Fastest Growing Jobs In US: PayScale CEO

Are You Paid What You’re Worth? Here’s How to Figure Out What You Should Be Earning

Top workplace trends for 2021

Shelly Holt of PayScale: The Paradigm Shift of Remote Work

PayScale releases fastest growing jobs in 2020

Workers fleeing NYC and San Francisco should expect up to a 25% pay cut. Here are 10 cities where leaving could promise up to a 10% increase

Research Reports

End of Year Report: The Hottest Jobs and Top Paid Skills of 2020

New research from Payscale analyzes the fastest growing jobs, hottest skills, the best and worst industries and occupations to work for in 2020

63% of Americans have been living paycheck to paycheck since Covid hit

10 Things You’re Probably Doing But Shouldn’t Be Doing in Your Job Ads

How pay bands can improve retention, drive engagement


The Compensation Best Practices Survey is Open to Participation

The CBPR 2021 survey officially out. We are calling all compensation professionals, HR leaders, business owners and anyone else who manages compensation for their organization. PayScale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Survey is in its 12th year and now open to participation. The best part? It is free to participate and so is...

3 Non-Negotiable Features of Compensation Technology

Think You Can’t Negotiate Salary Right Now? You’re Wrong

HCM Talent Technology Roundup November 6, 2020

PayScale MarketPay Will Recommend 3rd-Party Data for Purchase

Tech in 2020 and beyond: What we’ve learned at the GeekWire Summit, and what to expect this week

How HR can help leaders prepare for the ‘unimaginable’

The Need for True Equity in Equity Compensation

GeekWire Summit Preview: A glimpse of the future of tech, health, education, jobs and more

HR Updates in September 2020 – Part 2: HR Tech Steps Up to Simplify HR Processes and DEI Gains Greater Focus

Here’s What You Should Know Before Asking for a Raise

The Pandemic Imperils Working Mothers’ Careers

How to Handle the Salary Expectation Question in an Interview

How Much Should You Pay Your Remote Workers? That Depends.

Recruiting Industry News Round Up from September 2020

Work from home: These are the top jobs for remote careers


How to Pay Remote Workers: Lessons from Our 2020 Remote Work Report

  Looking for Payscale’s 2021 State of Remote Work Report? Get the data and insights now. In the future, more employees will work from home. That was a certainty before 2020, as the data has been trending in the direction of increased remote work opportunities for years. However, following the COVID-19 pandemic,...

CBS Radio Labor Day Special on Remote Work

13 Telecommuting Jobs with No Location Requirement

Retirement withdrawal strategies: 4 ways to help you extend your savings

The Pandemic Isn’t Killing The Working Mom — The Wage Gap Is


Black Women Deserve Equal Pay

August 13th is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. The calendar day is reflective of the median earnings of Black women compared to white men according to the U.S. Census and changes each year to show how much longer Black women have to work to earn what white men did in the previous...

Let’s Talk Openly About the Pay Gap

Remote Workers are Paid 8.3 Percent More, PayScale Finds

Scott Torrey on Wharton Business Daily

The coronavirus could set back a generation of women

Vanguard And Infosys Are Now Billion Dollar Outsourcing Partners. Good, Bad And Always Risky

Loyola ranks in top 7% of U.S. universities for mid-career salary potential

Washington University, Missouri S&T among colleges that pay off the most

The 20 most popular work-from-home jobs and what they pay


The US GDP fell 32.9 percent in Q2 of 2020, but wages are rising

We recently released Q2 2020 of PayScale Index, which tracks quarterly and annual trends in compensation growth. Q2 was a beastly quarter for the U.S. economy. It was just announced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis that the U.S. GDP fell 32.9 percent in Q2. As many businesses have shut down in...

UCR among national leaders in degrees that ‘pay off’

The top 50 U.S. colleges that pay off the most in 2020

This is how leaders can end economic inequities, for good

Here’s how much men and women earn at every age

PepsiCo, Nasdaq named best companies for women to advance


How Resolving Pay Inequity with Pay Transparency Restores Trust in HR

This article is part of our series on sessions presented at Compference19. You can learn more about Compference20 here.  Highlights from the Compference19 Session: When a Great Culture Doesn’t Cut It Anymore with Katie Webber, Senior HR Manager of Snagajob   2018 was a difficult year for Snagajob, the largest online marketplace...

How to Set Compensation for Remote Workers in a Post Covid-19 World

A seismic shift is taking place in the world of work as employers contemplate making remote work opportunities permanent. The next question? How to set pay for remote workers. Fortunately, PayScale has a new research report and strategy guide on this very question. View: PayScale’s Research and Strategy Guide on How to...

What is pay compression? How to address it and fix it

You see pay compression happen when starting salaries for new employees in a particular job title are set too close to the wages of your existing workers. In really awful circumstances, the starting salaries exceed what your current employees are earning, even if your tenured employees have more skills and experience.

Contractor Pay: Best Practices and Technique

Your accounting department needs extra help to handle the year-end crunch. Your software developers need additional personnel to launch your new product on deadline, but the company has a hiring freeze in place. You need help with a demand generation campaign or new web site copy, but don’t have the expertise on...

PayScale Reveals Wage Growth During Covid-19 Across Industries, Occupations, and Cities

PayScale has released new research on the impact that the coronavirus and the current economic downturn is having on wage growth. This data is available as both an interactive web page with weekly refreshed data visualizations as well as a downloadable research report analyzing wage growth trends by industry, occupation and metro...

Reducing Compensation Costs and Why Wages Don’t Fall During a Recession

Reducing compensation costs is on the minds of a lot of organizations right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic and the U.S. unemployment rate is the highest it’s been since the Great Depression. Although there was some speculation in 2019 that a recession might be coming after ten years...

Unemployment Tops 14.7 Percent in April. What Does it Mean for Compensation?

The unemployment rate for April was just announced today, reaching 14.7 percent as 20.5 million people lost their jobs. Economists have been speculating about the unemployment rate for weeks. When 3.3 million people filed for unemployment at the end of March, the unemployment rate jumped to 4.4 percent after having reached historic...

Hazard Pay, Pay Cuts, and Reduced Hours in the Wake of Covid-19

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been getting a lot of questions about how employers are addressing the situation, particularly in regard to reduced hours, pay increases (or pay cuts) and hazard pay. As discussed in previous articles about why compensation matters right now, payroll is the single largest...

For National Nurses Day, We Looked at Nurses’ Wages in 2020

Today, May 6th, is National Nurse’s Day. With the coronavirus rampaging through the United States, nurses have been more vital and more in need of appreciation than ever. PayScale recently analyzed how wages have grown (or stagnated) across industries, occupations and major metro areas. Comprised of PayScale’s proprietary Crowdsourced salary data from...

Which jobs have seen the most wage growth and which the least?

The results are in. Analysts have been guessing how much the US GDP has fallen as a result of the coronavirus pandemic for weeks, but we finally have the answer. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) published its advance report of GDP growth in Q1 on April 29, 2020. The verdict?...

How to Survive a Recession: Should You Freeze Pay or Reward Performance?

A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. Within this last year of record-breaking unemployment numbers and no clear determination on when business will get back to normal, every organization is asking how to survive a recession. The rise in unemployment has been momentous during the pandemic. In...

How PayScale Compensation Data Helps Employers Manage the Workforce

Last week, we announced a free offering of our Crowdsourced and Company Sourced compensation data to new and existing customers of PayScale MarketPay. This week, we hosted a live webinar with PayScale’s SVP of Product Management, Vishal Ghotge, and Data Research Manager, Sudarshan Sampath, to learn more about our compensation data and...

Compensation Strategies That Work in a Down Economy

If you’re hoping for a magic formula for compensation strategies that work in a down economy, you’re going to be disappointed. This isn’t to say that compensation strategy isn’t important right now. Having a compensation strategy definitely makes a difference in your ability to engage employees, retain talent and thrive as a...

Free Salary Data Now Available for New and Existing Customers of PayScale MarketPay

Free salary data appeals to many businesses, but in these times of social distancing when many businesses are facing uncertain economic conditions, it is even more critical to be data-driven. Government-mandated closures of businesses and schools as well as disruptions in trade and supply chains have significantly reduced revenues for certain industries...

Compensation Strategies for a Bad Economy

Compensation strategies for a bad economy are important when a recession is looming. Many companies will modify their compensation and benefits plans during an economic recession in an effort to save money. They need to minimize costs and, hopefully, get set to recover from the recession faster than their competitors. In these...

Insights from PayScale Leadership on How to Navigate Uncertainty in the Workplace

In times of uncertainty, we have to come together as a community. In our webinar last week, PayScale executive leaders, including CEO Scott Torey, CFO James Redfern and CMO Adrianna Burrows, offered insights and answered questions related to workforce planning and compensation trends during the current crisis. The discussion opened with a...

What is the Current State of the Economy and What Does it Mean for Compensation?

Recently, we posted about what employers are doing to combat the coronavirus. This included news about wage increases for grocery store clerks, drivers, and other jobs experiencing a surge in business, current trends and recommendations around sick pay extensions, and support for healthcare practitioners through the production of PPE equipment by U.S....

Why Compensation Planning Matters More Than Ever Right Now

The coronavirus pandemic has upended 2020 business plans. With social distancing forcing people to stay home, many businesses have had to shut down. Furloughs and layoffs have rippled across the country, with a record-breaking 6.6 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits at the end of March. Some economic advisors are warning of...

How to Train Managers on Pay Communications to Boost Employee Morale

When times are tough, transparent communication is essential to keep morale high, especially around compensation. If you need employees to buckle down, do more with less, accept lower wages, relinquish valuable benefits, or brace for layoffs, you’ll do better overall if they know why and how they are valued. If you don’t...

How Employers Are Stepping Up to Combat the Coronavirus Crisis

If you are an employer, you are probably wondering what organizations like yours are doing to combat the coronavirus pandemic as well as what steps you should be taking to safeguard the future of your business. If you are a global enterprise, our partner Mercer is collecting data via a live survey...

The Impact of the Coronavirus on 2020 Compensation Best Practices

Every year, PayScale conducts the largest survey of its kind to bring you our annual Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR). The CBPR offers the most in-depth insights into HR priorities and practices around compensation and benefits as well as the latest trends in talent acquisition and retention for North America. The 2020...

The 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report Reveals that Women Still Earn Less for Equal Work

PayScale is pleased to announce the launch of the Gender Pay Gap Report for 2020. This is one of our most popular and extensive reports of the year, focused on the difference in earnings between men and women when comparing equal pay for equal work (when the data are controlled for compensable...

Unproductive Turnover During the Coronavirus Crisis? 4 Tips to Get Employees to Stay

Employee turnover is always a hot topic of discussion among business leaders. Turnover is expensive, disrupts workflow and is the cause of heartburn for many HR professionals. Right now, in the wake of the coronavirus, the job market can be described as “uncertain” at best and “dire” by some. This was very...

PayScale Survey Reveals the Compensation Best Practices of 2020

The results are in. PayScale’s 2020 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) is one of the largest compensation and benefits surveys focused on North America covering everything from average base pay raises to how companies train managers on pay communications to the top trends in variable pay and benefits. PayScale analyzed responses from...

How PayScale prepares you for market salary survey participation season

In order to attract and retain top talent, sophisticated compensation professionals rely on employer data beyond the salary history of their own company. Where do they get this data? Not from free internet searches. Although internet searches on salary can give you a rough approximation of what a position is worth, the...

How to kick off an HR project on compensation management

What do you do when you start to notice issues with your organization’s compensation structure? Maybe you’re seeing promising candidates turning down job offers time and again in favor of better offers with your competitors. Perhaps you have come to realize your organization has an issue with pay equity that needs to...

Want Them to Stay? Talk More About Pay. [Infographic]

Compensation is crucial to attract and retain top talent. According to research from LinkedIn, 61 percent of job seekers said salary ranges and benefits are the most helpful pieces of information on the entire job posting.  However, most companies do not share salary information in job communications, and most also do a...

How to Incentivize Top Tech Talent in a Competitive Job Market

The War for Talent is fierce, but it’s especially fierce for top tech talent. How do you capture the attention of this audience? What does top tech talent look for in a job? What entices them? What doesn’t? How do organizations — especially smaller organizations who don’t have the deep pockets of large enterprises — prepare compensation...

5 Signs You May Need a Compensation Manager

For many organizations, compensation is one of the most daunting areas of running a business. How do you know what to offer new hires, how to decide whether employees should get raises, and how to stay both competitive and compliant in a tight job market while not overpaying? Do you need a...

The Top Technology Skills Commanding Higher Salaries in 2020

According to the World Economic Forum, the speed at which technology is changing is the driving force behind an emerging new labor market. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, where digital technology and the physical world are blending together to form a new reality. The technology skills needed in the digital...

5 Tips to Immediately Improve Pay Communications

In our last article What is Pay Communication and Why Does it Matter, we covered the risks of not having pay conversations (“higher pay” being the top reason people give for seeking employment outside of their current organization) and how improved pay communications can increase employee retention and reduce turnover rates. In...

What Is Pay Communication and Why Does It Matter?

Imagine this: It’s a typical Wednesday in your office. You get to your desk, sit down with your coffee, and just as you are settling into your day, a manager knocks on your door in a panic because one of their direct reports has asked for a raise. The employee found salary...

(New Research) How Pay Transparency Closes the Gender Wage Gap

It’s 2020 and women earn $0.80 for every $1 a man earns. The gender wage gap has narrowed in the 57 years since the Equal Pay Act was signed into law in 1963, when women earned $0.59 for every $1 a man earned, but it hasn’t closed completely. In recent years, it...

The Impact of Salary Transparency and Performance-Based Evaluations

This piece is part of our series on sessions presented at Compference19. You can register or learn more about Compference20 here.  Highlights from Compference19 Session: The Heart of a Company: Building with Authenticity, Transparency, and Vulnerability with Joe Bast, VP of People at Chewse   At Compference19, Joe Bast, VP of People...

Compensation: What Does it Mean? What are the Types?

Understanding the different types of compensation is essential if you are a compensation specialist, HR leader, payroll specialist, business owner or manager. Businesses are legally responsible for compensating workers for their labor, of course, but you are also responsible for explaining compensation to candidates and employees. This is particularly critical during the...

How to Increase Employee Engagement with Employee Survey Data

Highlights from Compference19 Session: Employee Engagement After the Data with Christina Atkinson, Human Resources Director of Public Accounting Firm Durward Jones Barkwell & Company (DJB)   Human Resources is expected to be the cheerleader for the business, to champion the decisions made by management while simultaneously advocating for the employee experience. This...

Is a Recession Coming in 2020? Here is How to Prepare Your Compensation Strategy

Are you looking for advice related to the Coronavirus? This post was written in January 2020 before the outbreak of the pandemic. For updated information and guidance, please see our newest post: What is the Current State of the Economy and What Does it Mean for Compensation? No one knows definitively if...

Human Resources Strategy and Budgeting Checklist

Where is your company heading this year? What is the strategic plan? And how does that impact hiring needs, headcount or your programs? All answers every HR leader needs to know. Having a clear human resources strategy that aligns with your organization’s short- and long-term business goals enables you to prioritize—and budget...

Top 10 Articles from Compensation Today in 2019

In celebration of the coming 2020 New Year, we’re taking a look back at 2019 and sharing the highest ranked articles from Compensation Today. The ones you’ve found the most interesting and helpful touch upon all of the key areas in HR including retention, wages, fair pay, leadership and training and development....

How to Implement a Strategic Compensation Plan for the Enterprise

This piece is part of our series on sessions presented at Compference19. You can register or learn more about Compference20 here.  Developing a new talent management strategy? You need a tool that prices jobs exactly to your candidate’s education, experience, certifications and skill set with data that is frequently refreshed. Request a...

Women in the Workforce are Proven to Increase Business Profitability

This piece is part of our series on sessions presented at Compference19. You can register or learn more about Compference20 here.  PayScale Compference19 Highlights: Amy Nelson, Founder and CEO of The Riveter, on The Power Women Bring to the Future of Work Women in the workforce correlate positively to company profitability, yet...