Jackson Gruver is a Data Analyst at PayScale and has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado. He is an avid learner of ecosystems, politics and business. He is usually found reading a good fantasy book, diving into a game or trying his luck at baking.


The great resignation: What’s happening out there?

The great resignation, characterized by prolific job vacancies and increased employee separations, has demonstrated the growing leverage employees have to secure higher wages and better working conditions in a quickly recovering economy. Several sectors have had an enormous appetite for labor coming out of the economic stagnation of 2020, and such a...
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Recession Wages: COVID-19 Questions & Predictions

Real-time data tells us that wages are slowing down, with sectors largely reliant on consumer spending being the worst hit. Historic recession data suggests wage growth will dip throughout the crisis and linger onwards until a lag period has passed and wages will recover.
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Equal Opportunity in the Workplace: Their Problem, Not Ours

Failure to recognize gender-based discrimination in the workplace remains an obstacle to achieving equal opportunity. Men demonstrate this short-coming at much higher rates than women do.
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Biggest College Regrets

Most respondents to PayScale’s Salary Survey report having college regrets, particularly about their student loans. Older generations, those with higher education levels and those that studied higher earning majors had the lowest rates of college regret.
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Racial Wage Gap for Men

Men of color in the US have always faced income inequality. Today, 55 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act banned pay discrimination on the basis of race, men of color still do not receive equal pay for equal work.