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Liz Suman is a freelance journalist and copywriter based in Los Angeles. Over the last ten years, Liz has written for a number of print and online publications including Vanity Fair, TIME Inc., The Discovery Channel, The Baltimore Brew, Seattle Business Magazine,,, and The Daily Beast, where she covered film and television premieres as an entertainment reporter. In addition to editorial work, Liz provides professional copywriting and marketing services for individual companies and clients from a variety of industries including art, film, beauty, real estate, and business.

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PayScale Hires Former Concur Executive Scott Torrey as New CEO

Seattle, WA – August 26, 2019 – PayScale, Inc., the world’s leading provider of cloud-based compensation software and data, today announced that Scott Torrey will take on the role of CEO in a planned succession from CEO Mike Metzger, effective August 26, 2019. Metzger has led the company as CEO for the...
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PayScale Announces Majority Growth Investment from Francisco Partners at an Enterprise Value of $325 Million

Investment Will Help the Cloud Compensation Software Provider Accelerate Growth and Innovation
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PayScale Event Compference18 Features Thought Leaders on Pay Equity, Employee Engagement, Compensation

Two-Day Event Focuses on How to Make Smart Compensation and Culture Decisions in a Tightening Employment Economy
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PayScale Named the #1 Best Place to Work in Washington State

PayScale earns top honors in Seattle Business Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” Seattle, WA – June 29, 2018 – Today PayScale, Inc., the leader in precise, on-demand cloud compensation data and solutions for businesses and individuals, announced the company claimed first place in the large company category for Seattle Business Magazine’s “100 Best Companies...
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PayScale Rolls Out Its Newest Team Benefit “Independence Week,” a Week to Recharge for the PayScale Team

Well-rested employees serve customers better. Seattle, WA – June 12, 2018– Today PayScale, Inc., the leader in cloud compensation solutions for businesses and individuals, announced that it will invest in rest during the week of Independence Day to the benefit and betterment of its almost 450 employees.  The company, across all its...
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U.S. News and World Report Selects PayScale to Provide Alumni Salary Information for Its Popular “Best Colleges” Rankings Report

Today, PayScale, Inc., the world’s leading provider of on-demand compensation data and software, announced U.S. News & World Report, the global authority in education rankings, is displaying PayScale’s rich salary data on school profile pages as part of the 2018 Best Colleges edition.
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PayScale and HRTMS Partner Together to Help Companies Attract and Retain Talent

PayScale’s compensation platform and the HRTMS JDXpert job description software provide a better talent management experience for enterprise customers
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Mercer and PayScale Announce ‘Cloud and Crowd’ Strategic Alliance for Next Generation Compensation Data and Software Solutions; Mercer Makes Equity Investment in PayScale

Mercer’s ePRISM to migrate to PayScale’s compensation data management platform
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PayScale Index Shows U.S. Wage Growth for 8th Consecutive Quarter

San Francisco, San Diego and Austin experienced the most wage growth in the country
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PayScale Recognized as One of The 100 Best Companies to Work For in Washington

PayScale was ranked fourth in the large company category in Seattle Business magazine’s "100 Best Companies to Work For in Washington.”
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PayScale Research Shows Many Employers Still Ask About Salary History but Refusing to Answer Has Different Outcomes for Candidates Depending on Gender

It appears women suffer negative consequences when asked about salary history, just not in the way we suspected

Why Your Salary History Is Nobody’s Business But Your Own

Now, I would never suggest you respond to a salary history request by saying, “none of your business,” but ultimately, it is, indeed, nobody else’s business. Not a recruiter. Not a hiring manager. Not an online application. And, in some states and cities, legislation has actually passed to ban employers from asking...

What Is Pay Transparency & Why Does It Matter?

Negotiating your salary is never easy, but what makes it particularly difficult for a lot of people is the lack of pay transparency. Pay transparency is the approach employers take on communicating about compensation. The negotiation process can take on the feel of a poker game rather than an informed discussion on...

When Is the Right Time to Ask For a Raise?

As with so many things in life – relationships, comedy, investing in the stock market – getting a raise can depend on good timing. If you’ve done your salary research, know what you’re worth in the job market and have determined a pay increase is warranted, you’re far more likely to get...

How to Negotiate a Promotion

So you feel like you’ve learned everything you can in your current role and you’re ready for the next level up? Your boss may agree, but she may not. Or, she simply may not have thought about it as much as you have. That’s almost guaranteed. As with so many work-related conversations,...

Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: Ghostbuster / Paranormal Investigator

Forty-two percent of all Americans believe in ghosts, according to a 2013 Harris Poll. With such a significant portion of the population having a vested interest in paranormal phenomena, there are plenty of opportunities for someone interested in pursuing a career in the world of the undead. (Just ask Google.) But aside...

The NFL Cheerleader Wage Theft War

Football’s most famous fans may finally be getting a voice. After years of NFL cheerleaders enduring embarrassingly low pay and overall poor treatment, working conditions seem to be improving. As a recent New York Times article noted, “The cultural dial is turning.” So, what exactly is changing, and why?   (Photo Credit:...

Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: Ice Cream Taster

The job of an ice cream taster – also called a tastemaster, food scientist, sensory analyst, or flavorologist – is unsurprisingly, to taste-test ice cream. A full-time taster may be expected to stick to an aggressive daily sampling schedule, and is asked to assess the quality of each flavor on the basis...

Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: Professional Mermaid

Professional mermaid-ing is a highly specialized, fiercely competitive job that’s swimming with a school of inner child-thrilling rewards, pun most definitely intended. Depending on a mermaid’s employer, location, and experience, job perks can include working with children, wearing incredibly ornate uniforms, getting paid to dance underwater, and swimming with jellyfish (and sometimes...

Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: Panda Nanny

Forget kids! Why nanny for human offspring when you could be spending your time with baby panda cubs instead? A handful of organizations, including the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in the Sichuan province of southwest China, actually employ a category of workers known as panda nannies, the primary responsibility of...

Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: Professional Mattress Jumper

Using the bedroom mattress as a springboard to the stars is a quintessential childhood pastime. So much so, that the classic nursery song Five Little Monkeys has over 68 million hits on YouTube).?As a career path for adults, however, mattress jumping “is not a game,” according to Reuben Reynoso, a professional “mattress...

10 Female STEM Stars Under 30

Women make up only 24 percent of the STEM workforce in the US, according to the Department of Commerce, and some fields are worse than others. Women represent only 14 percent of the country’s engineers, but make up 47 percent of mathematicians and statisticians, 47 percent of life scientists, and 63 percent...

Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: A Life of LEGO

Peter Pan Syndrome is a real thing, and our cultural zeitgeist is rife with both fictional and nonfictional examples of the pop psychology concept of puer aeternus: essentially, people who’d prefer not to grow up. While perpetual adolescence is fundamentally problematic in many real-life scenarios, there are some who have figured out...

Nap Pods: Why Some Companies Are Letting Workers Sleep on the Job

Anyone familiar with a 9-to-5 schedule is also likely familiar with the 3 p.m. slump. That daily midday breaking point when your “I’m going to get so much done today” stream of early morning motivation has long since subsided into sugar crash-fueled melancholy and a blurry computer screen. When this moment in...

Hilarious Responses to College Rejection Letters

For most of us, spring is a happy time; March and April are months signifying the promise of barbecues, blooming flowers, and beach weather. But for the high school seniors around the country racing to their mailboxes every day after school to check for acceptance or rejection letters from their dream schools,...

13 Incredible Company Perks

From fledgling tech start-ups to household-name corporations, employers both big and small are continuously upping the ante when it comes to finding ways to keep their workers happy. While unusually cool perks like Etsy’s playground-esque open lofts, or simply invaluable incentives such as the unlimited vacation days offered at Gravity Payments (that’s...

The Women on Top: The Country’s Highest-Paid Female CEOs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 248,760 Americans held the job title “Chief Executive” in 2013. As leaders who are (at least theoretically) responsible for making some of the most crucial decisions involving a company and its workforce, Chief Executives have at times singular amounts of authority, privilege, and responsibility. They...

The 10 Most (and 10 Least) Profitable Undergraduate College Degrees

Of course, you could make your millions after earning your bachelor’s degree in English or art history, but if high earning potential is your post-graduation goal, you’ll want to target your educational plans accordingly. (Hint: think STEM.) (Photo Credit: Bradley P. Johnson/Flickr) Institution, academic performance, geography, internship experience, the current economy, and...